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Master of the Rings

Master of Rings quest

It starts at TG magic school talks to Lustra, then s/he tells you need to test hyperspace with rings.
You have to use the rings in the following order for C1 at NPC: naralik, ws, ip, dp, pl, votd, mm.
C2 order is same as in ency (anitora, idaloran, bethel, sedicolis, palon vertas, kusamura, egratia, iscarlith, irinvenron, hulda, trassian, isle of the forgotten, imbroglio islands, hurquin, glacmor, emerald valley), the last 2 are srm and melinis.

You have to go back to Lustra every time after you used and she tells you next one to use.

Reward: 40k magic exp, 30k att, 30k def experience.