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Lost Books


  • 10,000 engineering experience
  • 30,000 magic experience
  • 20,000 attack experience
  • 20,000 defence experience.

Items needed

  • 10,000 gc
  • 1,000 Polished Rubies
  • 1,000 Titanium Bars


  • Talk to Shayna in Palon Vertas library.
  • Talk to Mayor Morton in Palon Vertas.
  • Talk to Nyeald in Portland about the books.
  • Ask Laura in Portland tavern.
  • Use the nightstand in the first room upstairs
  • Go back to Nyeald in Portland.
  • Talk Osold in Port Anitora.
  • Pay Osold 10kgc for the information about the book.
  • Talk to Arbella in Tarsengaard Magic School Library.
  • Kill some rats in Tarsengaard Magic School. Some of them are invisible, so True Sight will be needed for them.
    • visible in secret passage from the library (it sometimes wanders to the teleport to the passage to the garden though)
    • invisible in garden
    • visible in garden
    • invisible dining room
    • invisible in sewers
    • visible in headmaster chambers
    • invisible in Library
    • visible in cave in the water around the garden
  • Talk to Silvars in Tarsengaard Magic School Library, next to Arbella.
  • Talk to Crusher in Arius at [142, 122].
  • Give the 1,000 polished rubies and 1,000 titanium bars to Crusher.
  • Return to Silvars for 10,000 engineering experience.
  • Speak to Arbella again for 30,000 magic experience.
  • Talk to Shayna for 20,000 attack and defence experience.