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Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

In time long gone, LaForge was a mortal gnome. He was elevated to godhood for his skills as an engineer. His knowledge and abilities surpassed that of most mortals, and many of the gods desired his skills to be among their own ranks. So he was elevated to godhood and oversees engineers and masters of science and technologies. His architectural knowledge influenced the creation of many great monuments and cities, though through war and conflict many have fallen into ruin, and LaForge has withdrawn his oversight from most such creations.

Often fond of neutrality, he will abandon that position for the sake of progress and new invention. Because of the dual nature of destruction and creation in war, LaForge both loves and hates it. It destroys great works of architecture yet drives mortals to produce more innovative and amazing weapons and tools. He is the patron of technology, production, and collaboration.

To follow LaForge is to create and engineer items and concepts that stretch the concept of the world and advance the knowledge of science.


Arius 25px.png Western Kyr Woodlands, Arius - The entrance to the temple is a secret.

High priest

Diesel.png Diesel



  • Temporary +5 engineering levels for 500 gc. Diesel will only offer the blessing if you are at least at rank 3 of worship. Once blessed, your engineering level will reduce by 1 each minute until it returns to normal.


You cannot worship these gods while worshipping LaForge:

Starting rank

-2 (-8% engineering experience)


Each rank of worship grants you a 4% increase in the amount of engineering experience you recieve as long as you remain a worshipper. To advance to the next rank, you must retrieve a batch of a specific item and talk to Diesel. If you wish to renounce the god and return to your base experience amount, talk to Diesel. If you later wish to worship the god again, you will restart at rank -2.

RankItems needed for this rankWhere to put itemsEngineering experience
-2none - starting ranknowhere-8%
-1Purple Book.png 4 Books of BlackpowderInventory-4%
0Dung.png 1,000 DungStorage-0%
1Rope.png 500 RopeStorage+4%
2Poison Ivy.png 1,000 Poison IvyStorage+8%
3Harvest Degrade Indicator.png 200 Harvest/Degrade IndicatorsStorage+12%
4Lightmeter.png 1 LightmeterInventory+16%
5High Explosive Mine.png 50 High Explosive MinesStorage+20%