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Kill Them All! Part 3


  • 100,000 Attack experience
  • 100,000 Defense experience

Items needed

  • None


  • After finishing Novac's combat tutorial quest #2 (Kill them all reloaded), he will give you another quest. He needs more specific animals for another potion.
  • These animals can spawn in one of many spawn points on both continents (at least one of them is portals rooms).
  • The listed "known possible spawn locations" are places where the creature has been found, but there probably are more possible places than are listed here.
  • If you find it somewhere not listed here, I'd be glad to add it if you report it to me (Choris ingame, use /mercator tell Choris <your message> if I'm not online), thanks :)
  • Locations underlined are places where this creature does NOT occur naturally (at least to my knowledge).
  • Killing works the same way as in Novac #1 and #2.
    • Brownie
      • Known possible spawn locations: Grubani PeninsulaMorcraven MarshTarsengaard
    • Wood Sprite
      • Known possible spawn locations: GlacmorSedicolisTahraji DesertTarsengaard (Roanof Island)Nordcarn
    • Boar
      • Known possible spawn locations: AriusPalon VertasTarsengaard
    • Brown Snake
      • Known possible spawn locations: Naralik, ZirakinbarHurquin
    • Rat
      • Known possible spawn locations: Emerald Valley Trade RouteNaralik Magic School
  • After you have killef everything, you will receive a reward of 100,000 Attack and Defense experience.