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Kill Them All!

  • Attack and Defense experience
Items needed:
  • None
Talk to Novac, he will ask you to kill a creature, when the creature is killed return to him and accept the reward, then he will request you to kill another one  :) 

  • Rat in house on Isla Prima [85,106],  400xp
  • Brownie on IP nortwest corner of the map about [ 32,171],  600xp
  • Deer in DP between Aluwen temple en tele, 800xp
  • Green Snake in DP close to Harvy, also found in Norcarn South Cave, 1000xp
  • talk to Kalana and kill Fox in PL west of manuschool, 1500xp
  • Small Spider in crystal cavernsDP near rose quartz, 1800xp
  • Boar in VOTD near ancient temple, 2000xp
  • Wolf in Nordcarn, near Souther Killiran Field exit, 2200xp
  • Male Goblin in Narlik, near haz storage, 2400xp
  • Large Spider in Narlik, dark brown, near mag school, 2500xp
  • Skeleton in PortlandTitanium Mines, right when u enter cave, 3k xp
  • Chinstrap Penguin in Iscalrith (wear MM cape, Yeti, wear something warm ), between exit to Glacmor and tavern, 4k xp
  • Puma in WS, between Forest of Fall and Elavro Mountains, 4k xp
  • Tall Winged Gargoyle in TarsengardGargoyles Cave, 4k xp
  • Armed Skeleton in Nordcarn South Cave, over the bridge on the way to rubies, 4.2k xp
  • Hobgoblin in White Stone Underground, where old haz sto was, 4.5k xp
  • Female Orcs in Glacmor Skill Academy sewers, 5k xp
  • Male Orc in Narlik catacombs (160, 70), 5k xp
  • Troll in Idaloran mines, near Tin ore, 5k xp
  • Grizzly bear in WS south of Northern Woods, west of teleport. but it can step on teleport and land near MM entrance, 6k xp
  • Ogre in Carmien Manor in SKF - right at the door on the 2nd level unless it's wandered off. Use MM cape for the Fluffies. 6k xp
  • Polar bear in Irinveron at the Polar bear cave entrance at 119,250. You can find the polar bear at approximately 131,169. 7k xp
  • Armed Female Orc in Grubani Peninsula near Grahm's Village entrance. 7k xp
  • Armed Male Orc in hydro cave. 8k xp
  • Cyclops in Egratia Point - lower sandy area. 8k xp
  • Fluffy rabbit in Melinis (310,150). 8k xp
  • Phantom warrior in Ruins of Tirnym. 8k xp
  • Feros in North Redmoon. 8k XP
  • Desert Chimeran in Thelinor. 9k XP
  • Forest Chimeran in Willowvine Forest. 9k XP
  • Mountain Chimeran in Ruins of Tirnym. 9k XP
  • Yeti in Irinveron Caves. 9k XP
  • Cockatrice in Willowvine Forest. 10k XP
  • Arctic chimeran in Trassian (dra syn, one of underground passages, entrance around 15,85) 15k XP
  • Giant in Aeth Alfan(PK area) 20k XP
  • Red Dragon in North Redmoon volcano 25k XP
  • Black Dragon in Aeth Alfan 30k XP
  • Ice Dragon in Hulda 30k XP+ Vanquisher perk