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Kill Bob!


  • 80,000 Engineering experience

Items needed

  • 60 White Rabbit furs
  • 20 Puma furs


  • Kill Bob the Goblin in Portland (there are two, you have to find the right one).
  • You will get a message saying you found a broken medallion.
  • Go to Nhala in a hut in Morcraven Marsh [136,260] with the furs with you.
  • Go speak to Throvnc in Grubani Peninsula in a hut at [289,87].
  • Talk to Zhena in Grubani Peninsula [166,133].
  • Go to Portland Library and talk to the librarian, Drial.
  • Drial will send you to the fast reading library in Desert Pines [283,113]. Talk to Arona inside.
  • Go to White Stone [237,347] outside Selain's temple and harvest 20 "corrupted" Tiger Lillies there.
  • Return to Zhena, who will tell you to talk to Throvnc, who will tell you to talk to Soquela in Grubani Peninsula [69,306].
  • Soquela tells you to harvest a Poppy in Irinveron at [476,121].
  • You need to take the poppy to Ruins of Tirnym and use with it at the tombstone at [103,53] close to EL midnight around 4:40-5:20 EL time.
  • After that, you need to return to Irinveron and kill George the Skeleton with a diamond in your inventory close to EL midday 1:40-2:20 EL time (he spawns around [379,515]).
  • Return to Soquela.
  • Go to Portland Titanium mine and talk to Glont the Skeleton there.
  • He will send you to Palon Vertas. Talk to Apala in Palon Vertas.
  • Apala will send you to Cedric also in Palon Vertas.
  • Cedric will send you to Idaloran mine to look for an office area within the mines. When you get to the office area, use an open scroll on the table.
  • Return to Glont in Portland Titanium Mine with the information.
  • Then go back to Soquela.
  • Go talk to Throvnc again.
  • Talk to the gnome Elevy in Valley of the Dwarves gold mine second level at [342,54] for your reward of 80,000 Engineering experience.