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Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

Originally a master potion-maker, she caught the eye of both Zarin and Unolas. Although Unolas would more than likely view potion-making as his domain, Jayden pictured potion-making as an art form with its own form of beauty. This caught Zarin's eye. This approach to potion-making caused tension between Unolas and Zarin. To add to the strife, Mortos and Selain secretly appealed to the other gods and so was Jayden elevated into godhood.

Jayden takes a position of neutrality when it comes to the forces of the Gods. She values Mixture, Reason, and Patience. She is not easily manipulated by others and has proven to be quite a challenge for Mortos and Selain. Some even fear or hope that it is Jayden who will find a way to reverse the curse of Mortos.

The followers of Jayden tend to keep to themselves. Their studies give them little time to be involved in daily life on Draia, but the clergy promote that Jayden's path is the only way to salvation. It is the only way to obliterate the curse of Mortos.

To follow the path of Jayden is to show patience and reason and not accept the quick solution to complex problems, else the mixture will fail.


Morcraven Marsh 25px.png Morcraven Marsh

High priest

Iazurn.png Iazurn


  • Followers get more potion experience.


  • Temporary +10 potion levels for 1,000 gc. Iazurn will only offer the blessing if you are at least at rank 3 of worship. Once blessed, your potion level will reduce by 1 each minute until it returns to normal.


You cannot worship these gods while worshipping Jayden:

Starting rank

-2 (-8% potion experience)


Each rank of worship grants you a 4% increase in the amount of potion experience you receive as long as you remain a worshipper. To advance to the next rank, you must retrieve a batch of a specific item and talk to Iazurn. If you wish to renounce the god and return to your base experience amount, talk to Iazurn. If you later wish to worship the god again, you will restart at rank -2.

RankItems needed for this rankWhere to put itemsPotion experience
-2none - starting ranknowhere-8%
-1Potion of Reasoning.png 120 Potion of ReasoningInventory-4%
0Hawk Feather.png 400 Hawk FeathersStorage-0%
1Coal.png 6,500 CoalStorage+4%
2Ring of Palon Vertas.png 200 Ring of Palon VertasInventory+8%
3True Sight Potion.png 500 True Sight PotionsStorage+12%
4Red Dragon Scale.png 3 Red Dragon ScalesInventory+16%
5Mixture of Power.png 25 Mixture of PowerInventory+20%