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Highway to Heaven


  • None

Items needed

  • 1 Scythe


  • Complete the Medallion quest part 1 (Kill Bob!) first.
  • Talk to Elevy in Valley of the Dwarves gold mine second level at [342,54]. He asks you to find another part of the medallion.
  • Go to the ancient temple in Valley of the Dwarves (there is a door to the temple in the north part of the gold mine second level) and talk to Stryker.
  • Talk to Lasud in Isla Prima, in front of the tavern.
  • Talk to Valeria in Valley of the Dwarves tavern.
  • Talk to Vesine in Morcraven Marsh winery.
  • Talk to Logan in a house in Tarsengaard at [144,231].
  • Look at the outhouse in Tarsengaard.
  • Talk to Kaleb next to the outhouse and give him a Scythe in exchange for the medallion piece (not an actual item).
  • Go back to Elevy for no reward. More to come!