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Eye in the Sky

Note: You will have to complete Tankel's quest first to be able to do this quest.

  • You will be able to buy batches of 75 Leather for 350 gold coins from Kelcha.

Items needed
  • A special flower (can only be picked while doing the quest)

  • Talk with both Kelcha in Morcraven Marsh at [284,253] about her dream and she will tell you about a flower
    and Edlera in Morcraven Marsh at [141,164] first, she will tell you about the flower.
  • Find the flower in White Stone at [634,204] and use it. You will get a message about it - its a quest item but not visible in inventory.
  • Go back to Kelcha and talk to her.
  • She will now sell leather to you and the quest is finished.