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Escaped Monsters

  • 35K Attack and Defense experience each
  • 10K Summoning experience
  • 10k Ranging experience
Items needed:
  • None
  • Talk to Wimmip in Tarsengaard's magic school's Animal Study room [270,190] (you need teleport-to-range spell to get to Wimmip if you don't want to go through PK, you can talk to her while standing above her at the edge of the pit)
  • She will send you to find creatures that are diseased, as a hint she says that the creatures will be in places where there are other creatures like them.
  • You will need to kill (in no particular order):
    • Rat (found in  the Rat Cave in Isla Prima, near the entrance)
    • Male Goblin (found in Naralik, near the center of the map)
    • Puma (found in White Stone, Elavro Mountains)
    • Ogre (found in Palon Vertas, in the front of the blacksmith cave)
    • Cyclops (found in Egratia Point, near the temple in the grassy area of the map)
    When you kill the creature relevant to the quest, you will get a message (locations given refer to spawn locations).
  • After killing the last creature you get another, additional message, return to Wimmip to collect the reward.