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Daily Temps R US Quest

Temper'us the Temp Service sends you to clients of different color the reward seams to differ too. 
You can get to do the daily by talking to Dorel  at White Stone  [133,580].
If you cannot do the quest you can cancel it and have to wait 8 game days (48 hours) until you can do the quest again.

Shortlist of quests gathered in this ForumThread so far. (Will be updated as Post with new quests come in)
    Maja (WS Summon Arena) ask for Furs gives  4k summon exp and 3000 gc.
      150 Tiger furs
      150 leopard fur
      150 Black Panther fur

    Arona, the librarian of the secret library(fast reading room) in 283, 113 Desert Pines. Different Book gatherring quests  give 6k att exp +2kgc
      Gustav in Carmien Manor, South Kiliran Field. He is in the first room of the Manor.
      Arona wants newspaper from Avyia in PL [247,151].
      Silvars in the Tarsengaard Magic School library[27,239].
      Omri  Tarsengaard Engeneering School
      Nhala Morcaven Marsh [136,260]
    • Neddler (MM 205,49) 
    • Akiko (NC Glilin's temple 8,155)

     Zhena in GP [165,135]. C1 Rings She pays 12k gc each. Reward - 3k crafting exp.
      Deliver 100 Rings of Portland 
      Deliver 100 Rings of Isla Prima 
      Deliver 100 Rings of VOTD 
      Deliver 100 Rings of Desert Pines
      Deliver 100 Ring of White Stone
      Deliver 100 Ring of Naralik 

    Give a steel helm to Apala (116,23)(Palon Vertas gold mine entrance) for 28K and 2K manu exp.

    Rodica MM tavern 2k honey comb pays 4kgc 

    Gerund blacksmith in the Valley of the Dwarves 10k gc 5k manu exp
      Book of titanium short of magic
      Book of titanium short of fire 
      Book of titanium short of ice
      Book of titanium short  of thermal
      Book of Titanium Long Sword of Fire
      Book of Titanium Long Sword of thermal
    • Book of titanium/steel long sword of magic
    • Book of iron broad sword of fire