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Daily Mule Quest

Items needed

  • 2 Mule Glyphs and mule level for at least 1,200 EMU.
  • 1 set of essences for Teleport to Portals Room spell
  • 1 c2 ring
  • some Creature Food (5-10)


  • Go to Tatu in Desert Pines Crystal Caverns [108,16] and choose option "Need help?"
  • You will need to have 1,200 EMU available. Shapeshift to mule form before accepting the package.
  • You will get 600 quartz in inventory and will need to deliver it to an NPC
  • Easiest way to move to the NPC in mule form (mules can't use magic):
    • Shapeshift to mule form and get the package.
    • Use any c2 ring.
    • Shapeshift back (use yourself).
    • Cast teleport to portals room spell.
    • Shapeshift to mule form again and walk to the portal of the map you're going to.
    • Walk to the NPC and deliver the package.
  • Talk to the NPC and give them the quartz for the reward.
    NPC (Map) : Reward
- Shantir (Glacmor) : 4k alc xp + 500gc
- Derzelas (Irsis) : 4k pot xp + 60 vials
- Crusher (Arius) : 4k eng xp + 300gc

* Note: you can do this quest every 24 hours (4 in-game days)