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Crafting Tutorial

Talk to Azra in TG  [261, 205]

List of items you will need to make and crafting exp you will receive:

 Gold Ring400 
 Silver Ring600 
 Silver Medallion800 
 Gold Medallion900 
 Polished Ruby1100 
 Polished Emerald1200 
 Polished Sapphire1400 
 Polished Diamond1600 
 Ring of Isla Prima1700 
 Ring of VotD1900 
 Ring of Naralik2100 
 Ring of White Stone2400 
 Ring of Portland2700 
 Ring of Desert Pines2900 
 Unicorn Medallion3100 
 Sun Medallion3400 
 Moon Medallion3800
 Stars Medallion4100 
 Ring of Damage4500 
 Ring of Disengagement4900 
 Ring of Idaloran5300 
 Ring of Bethel5700 
 Ring of Palon Vertas6200 
 Ring of Power6700 
 Ring of Kusamura7100 
 Ring of Egratia Point7600 
 Ring of Iscalrith8200 
 Ring of Irinveron8700 
 Heavenspawn Medallion9300 
 Ring of Hulda9700 
 Ring of Mana Destruction10200
 Ring of Trassian10800 
 Medallion of Life11200 
 Ring of Isle of the Forgotten11800 
 Enhanced Iron Plate Mail12500 
 Ring of Imbroglio13000 
 Ring of Hurquin13600 
 Ring of Massive Mana Destruction14200 
 Crown of Mana14800
 Crown of Life15600 
 Saving Stone16500 
 Gatherer Medallion17500 
 Arrow/Bolt Head Mold18500 
 Medallion of Mana300000