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Buni's (NC) break quest

Buni in Nordcarn (5,29)
Yes, I need someone to run a few tests for me. We are thinking of 
placing a big armors order for our troops, and we need to have some 
data on how often they break. What I need you is to break some items 
for me, in normal combat. Once you break them all, please come back to 
me and report your findings. Here is the list with the items I need 
broken: All the Leather Armor, including Helm, the Augmented
Leather Pants and Torso, a Wooden Shield and an Enhanced Wooden 
Shield, Iron Chain, Steel Chain, and, finally, a Second Hand Titanium 
Chain Mail.
 Good luck!

Buni: Thank you, all this data will be put to good use. Here, let me teach you a bit about combat! *You gain 80000 attack and defense experience*