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Broken Armors

Start: Vixen

Reward: * 45k ATT/DEF xp
                * Armor Master perk (+1 armor permanent)

Items needed: * full iron armor set (incl. helm/shield)
                          * full steel armor set (incl. helm/shield)
                          * full titanium armor set (incl. helm/shield)


    1. Talk to Vixen in MM southern cave, located at 225,16 (inside 136,39)
    2. She will tell you, that she needs you to break armor to get results for her
        experiments. BroD and acid rain effects don't count for breakage, though
        it's allowed to first degrade them with those effects, only the actual
        breakage has to be a result of straight combat. If you do it right, you get
        a notification for each item you break correctly.

        * full iron set = 20k att/def xp
        * full steel set = 25k att/def xp
        * full titanium set = Armor Master perk (+1 armor permanent)

    3. Simply talk to her again and collect your reward after each set.