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Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

A strong believer in goodness, truth and the intrinsic worth of all living things, she constantly strives to heal the sick or wounded. She has a tendency to choose diplomacy first and foremost and violence only as a last resort. Her race, the elves, have inherited her love of nature and the sanctity of life. She also believes that there is an order, a purpose, to all living things and spends much of her time striving to influence that purpose toward the ultimate good. As such, she is constantly at odds with her evil counterpart, Mortos, and fights constantly with him to determine the direction of the Lands, Good or Evil. For a long time she held Mortos at bay and kept peace in the lands. The Great War brought destruction and the curse of the undead to the minions of the dark god, however, and the lands are now in turmoil once more. Yet Aluwen is ever patient and learned from the war. She continues her endless toil to nurture life and kindness among the races, attempting to avert conflict whenever possible.

To follow her path is to defend the innocent, bring life to the wounded, and speak the truth of the heart.


Two maps connect to the temple. All of the entrances and exits to those maps except the exit to Forest of the Fall are secrets.

High priest

Noria.png Noria


  • Followers get more defense experience.
  • At rank 1 Free healing from Noria. She will not offer if you already have full HP.
  • At rank 5 of worshipping (maximum), you can buy a Titanium Chain Mail.png Titanium Chain Mail for 5,000 gold coins from Noria, the high priest.


  • Temporary +10 defense levels for 25 gc. Noria will only offer the blessing if you are at least at rank 3 of worship. Once blessed, your defense level will reduce by 1 each minute until it returns to normal.


You cannot worship these gods while worshipping Aluwen:

Starting rank

-2 (-8% defense experience)


Each rank of worship grants you a 4% increase in the amount of defense experience you recieve as long as you remain a worshipper. To advance to the next rank, you must retrieve a batch of a specific item and talk to Noria. If you wish to renounce the god and return to your base experience amount, talk to Noria. If you later wish to worship the god again, you will restart at rank -2.

RankItems needed for this rankWhere to put itemsDefense experience
-2none - starting ranknowhere-8%
-1Wooden Shield.png 20 Wooden ShieldsStorage-4%
0Potion of Body Restoration.png 120 Potions of Body RestorationStorage-0%
1Gold Coins.png 500 Gold CoinsInventory+4%
2Red Snake Skin.png 60 Red Snake SkinsStorage+8%
3Titanium Bar.png 40 Titanium BarsInventory+12%
4Titanium Short Sword.png 1 Titanium Short SwordInventory+16%
5Coal.png 500 CoalStorage+20%