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A Sword too Far


  • 50,000 Summoning experience

Items needed

  • 1 Enriched Magic Essence
  • 1 Binding Stone
  • 1 Gold Ring


  • Talk to Ellia in Palon Vertas (57,33).
  • Talk to Barnes in Palon Vertas underground
  • Talk to Shayna in Palon Vertas library
  • Talk to Barnes again
  • Talk to Ashata in Portland
  • Talk to Barnes
  • Go to the silver spot in Iscalrith City: Iscalrith Insides [306,84]
  • Look at the tit serp sword:
    • " An inscription on the orb reads 'Warlord Tsentas.' This must be his sword. A magic spell protects the sword from being removed - you'll have to find a way to overpower the spell."
  • Talk to Barnes again
  • Talk to Ringa in Isle of the Forgotten [84,94] and give her the EME, binding stone and gold ring.
  • Go back to the sword in Iscalrith City and retrieve it.
  • Talk to Barnes.
  • Talk to Meer at Glacmor docks.
  • Go to Irinveron (120,250), pass through the cave and enter another cave at (85,100). Find the sword at (210,100).
  • Talk to Barnes.
  • Talk to Ellia for your reward.