Welcome to Eternal Lands Wiki Clone

I noticed in July 2015 the main el-wiki went down, I came across to the clone site but things were missing.

Not sure if the original wiki will come back.

Feel free to contact me in-game, or FaceBook DarkDiablo for corrections.

    * This wiki is not officially sponsored, supported, or sanctioned by the Eternal Lands or any of their staff.
    * You are allowed to post the root URL in official chat channels in the game. However, do not post pages containing spoilers. Posting general info such as links on how to make various items is OK.
    * Game secrets and spoilers do not belong in the wiki. 

As the game is ever-changing, this wiki is always in need of being updated, corrected, and enhanced, or if you experience problems like missing images/functionality or general problems, please let me know.