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Harvesting Events

Harvesting events occur while harvesting, they are random with the frequency being influenced by Astrology unless you have the Skeptic Perk. They were originally designed to prevent AFK harvesting.

There are basically three categories of harvesting events

Harvesting events occur as follows:

  • a message is displayed in local chat when the event occurs, indicating the target and the type of event
  • the target gets the additional message of You stopped harvesting
  • in case of a breakage of a tool or a Harvester Medallion the target gets an additional message

Common harvesting events

  • You stopped harvesting, yes, there's an event that does nothing else but stop your harvesting, obviously this is not accompanied by a message in local.
  • Mother Nature got pissed off at you, you lose anywhere between 10 and 20 material points.
  • Teleportation Nexus, this teleports you to a nearby location; if you get stuck in a map bug and can't beam out (#beam me) because you have the Scotty Died Perk, moderators will not help you.
  • Bag of gold, the amount varies between 5 and 20 gold coins. A Harvester Medallion increases the amount found by the factor 15.
  • Blessings by the Queen of Nature, giving you extra harvesting experience, the amount of experience gained ranges from 200 to 700. A Harvester Medallion increases the experience gained by the factor 12.
  • Attribute and Nexus Removal Stones can be found while harvesting any resource.

Exceptions: You can also break Leather Gloves when harvesting Dung, see minerals and ores below.

Mini harvesting events

There are some so called mini harvesting events, the notifications for these events differ from the regular ones by not being broadcast to local chat but by only showing up on the recipient's screen instead. If you are wearing a Harvester Medallion, you will not stop harvesting on these mini-events. Currently there are

  • You gained X extra exp. Where X is 10 to 30 experience points.
  • You found X coins. Where X is 5 to 10gc.
  • You hurt yourself, and lost X HPs. where X is up to 3 HPs.

The extra experience and gold coins from these events are doubled while wearing a Harvester Medallion. The medallion doesn't effect the "you hurt yourself" event.

Also note that mini harvesting events do not destroy the Harvester Medallion.

Harvesting events of plants

In addition to the common events you can get the following events harvesting plants:

  • Bee stings take anywhere between 5 and 10 material points.

Harvesting events of minerals and ores

In addition to the common events you can get the following events harvesting minerals and ores:

Harvesting events of Dung

  • While harvesting, player lit up a match to check the dung level, which caused an explosion worth X health points. Where player is replaced by the player's name and X seems to be 59 or 60. It has been seen as low as 26, which suggests that wearing armour might reduce the damage.
  • While trying to harvest, the outhouse lid fell on player, hitting for X health. Where player is replaced by the player's name and X ranges from 10 to 30.
  • While harvesting some dung, Mother Nature was nearby taking a dump. Unfortunately player was in the way and got hit for X health. Where player is replaced by the player's name and Xranges from 16 to 60. Wearing armour might reduce the damage.
  • If you are wearing a Harvester Medallion you might get: While player was harvesting dung, a Rat that was resting in the outhouse wanted to come out. However, the harvester Medallion stopped him! If you don't wear the Harvester Medallion the message changes to indicate the successful escape of the Rat, if the GIWS is working then a message will be broadcast globally to indicate the "threat".
  • Oops, player's gloves slipped in the outhouse :(, results in player losing her or his Leather Gloves.
  • Some rare items can be found while harvesting dung: