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"Have you ever been alone at night, thought you heard footsteps behind and turned around and no-one's there? And as you quicken up your pace you find it hard to look again because you're sure there's someone there."

Leonard is a Leopard that haunts Irilion by night (except during the special day Leonard's Day when he is out all day). His name is Leonard (alpha) but is mostly known as Lenny. Leonard is an very aggressive creature that attacks players regardless of Monster Magnetism Perk or Monster Magnetism Cloak when lenny thinks he can win the fight.

Lenny's visibility is low and tends to stay away from large groups and well-lit areas. Leonard prefers to prey upon lonely harvesters without any weapons and armour. Lenny's attack is over 100 and defense is much lower, so to fight lenny successfully, you need a weapon and armour so you can kill Lenny before Lenny kills you. Lenny gains pick points by killing players - one attribute increase per kill. Thus for every kill, Lenny becomes more dangerous. He loots player death bags for any items he can use.

Note: Lenny also attacks other creatures he encounters, and will loot the gold coins and some potions they drop (i.e. gargoyles dropping Potion of Defense).

Respawn time becomes strange since Leonard has his own little island where he spawns - that island isn't reachable for players. When Lenny gets bored, he teleports to another map and starts his search for victims.

Lenny uses Rings of Disengagement and Potions of Body Restoration as well as Potions of Great Healing. It is not an easy fight to try and kill Lenny although many have tried because of his fur that is used to make the Potion of Speed Hax.

Leonard is not like any other creature in Eternal Lands. Because of his AI, Lenny behaves more like a predating player then a creature. The best way to avoid Leonard is to stay inside on C2 during nighttime.

Leonard can post messages in channels 6 (invasion channel) and 8 (Leonard channel). He talks when he wakes up, when he kills someone, when he is killed and when he goes to sleep.


Attack/Defense:>100 / <100
Magic Resistance:??
Health Points:??
Mana Points:0
Ignore level:??
Respawn Time:41 seconds

See description above for other special combat skills.


Additional drops