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Summoning Guide

This guide is a work in progress, please feel free to add your suggestions for different levels of summoning. You may edit this page, add to the discussion or post suggestions on the forum.

General Suggestions

This page is a bit outdated currently. The easiest way to become a good summoner is to start with the Quests that give summoning experience. Best handed in on the Day of Summoners.

A good guide should probably talk about some pros and cons of summoning in EL in general – as summoning will rarely be a good main skill – until you really know what you do of course! However, there are some great things that one can do with summoning. It is also a very spectacular skill. Beginning cute - ending extremely mighty.

Low level summoning from the start

If you want to try out summoning before you have enough furs for the Ios-quest for example, try to use the original guide from 2008:

Here are some suggestions for how to progress from Level to level

  • Level 0: Rabbits
  • Level 3: Rats - Rats are plentiful, and provide all the reagents needed to summon them (except the life essence of course)
  • Level 6: Racoon Raccoons are the best resource usage for the low level summoner, so plan on hunting and summoning lots and lots of them. You'll summon racooons for a long time.
  • Level 15: Snakes About here you can start summoning snakes, stick with green or red mostly as they require less meat. Probably best really to stay on raccoons.
  • Level 22: Foxes Again Raccoons are better resource usage, as you will get more xp per life essence and you'll have to hunt something besides the foxes for meat.
  • Level 26: Boars You will have to have a lot of meat, but you don't need furs so anywhere you can get your meat is great.