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Magic Guide

Magic makes things easier for you. You can heal yourself or your friend. You can teleport yourself to the portals room or to a location nearby. Learning the skill of magic will greatly help you while playing Eternal Lands.

Understanding the Components

  • Sigils - Like getting a tattoo, you get each sigil only once in a lifetime. It will then appear in your spell window (wand icon or ctrl+s) and selecting them in order defines the spell you're casting.
  • Essences - The consumables of magic. These are items that, when a spell is cast, will disappear from your inventory. They are made with the alchemy skill or bought from White Stone magic shops.
  • Mana/Ethereal Points - The energy bar of magic, represented on the far left blue bar. When a spell is cast you will lose mana, which recovers over time.
  • Magic Level - There is only one spell you can cast at first, see the guide below. The level will rise with use of spells, giving access to more spells after certain levels.
  • Pick point Spending - Pick points should be spent wisely, so there is no simple answer, however... Magic Nexus does NOT affect magic, it is part of the crafting skill. Ethereality will increase the capacity of your mana bar. Rationality will increase the strength of later spells.

Your First Spell (Heal)

Heal increases your health by up to 10 points.


  • Increase Sigil - White Stone City magic shop, 400 gc.
  • Health Sigil - Ghram's Village magic shop, 700 gc.
  • Health Essence.
  • Level 0 magic.


The first spell you will cast will be Heal. In order to do this you will need to get the Increase and the Health Sigils. The Increase Sigil can be found in the White Stone City magic shop for 400 gc and the Health Sigil can be found in the Grahm's Village magic shop for 700 gc. You will also need some Health Essences which can be found in the White Stone City magic shop where you got the Increase Sigil. After you have both sigils, and some health essences open the spells window by clicking the button on the bottom of the screen or ctrl+s. Then choose your sigils, first Increase, then Health. When you have chosen your sigils click cast. Your health will increase by 10 points or until its full (whichever is less).


  • Go to the Grahm's village magic shop and buy a Health Sigil (700 gc) and some Health Essences.
  • Go to the White Stone City magic shop and buy a Increase Sigil (400 gc).
  • When you have both sigils and some Health Essences.
  • Open your spell window (with Wand icon or Ctrl+S).
  • Choose your sigils (Increase then Health)
  • Click Cast
  • Your health will go up 10 points (unless your health is less than 10 points from full)

Your Second Spell (Remote Heal)

Remote heal restores some health on a remote target. This target can be yourself, a friend, or an enemy. The effect increases as your magic level and rationality increases.



The second spell you will cast is Remote Heal. This spell restores some health on a remote target (self, friend, or enemy). You will need the Global, Increase, and Health Sigils for this spell. You will also have to have a magic level of 4 or higher to cast this spell. You should already have the Increase, and Health Sigils from the Heal Spell. You will have to buy the Global Sigil for this spell. Once your have your sigils, you will need to get at least 1 Magic Essence and 2 Health Essences. Put your sigils in the spell window starting with Global, then Increase, and finally Health. When ready click cast and choose a target. Your target's health will increase.


  • You already have Increase and Health Sigils.
  • Buy Global Sigil.
  • Have at least 2 Health and 1 Magic essence.
  • Open spell window (Wand icon or Ctrl+S).
  • Choose your sigils (Global Sigil, Increase Sigil, then Health Sigil)
  • Click cast and choose target
  • Your target (self, friend, or enemy) will recover some health (based on your magic level and rationality)