Naralik - [122,67]


Northern Portland - [191,355]


Zirakinbar Stronghold - [35,320]


White Stone City - [109,691]


White Stone Library - [46,627]

* can be made by players


Grahm's Village, White Stone - [124,130]

Grigore Ureche

Emerald Trade Town, Emerald Valley Trade Route - [303,248]




Tarsengaard [183,315] inside the Magic School [25,43].


Ywarstav, Grubani Peninsula - [67,116]


North Redmoon Library [275,290]




Useless books which can be read but not made

Drop Books

BooksDropped By
Potion of AccuracyGiantRed DragonBlack DragonIce Dragon
Potion of CraftingHobgoblinTroll
Potion of EvasionMountain ChimeranYetiGiantFrost Troll
Potion of FeastingMedium GargoyleTall GargoyleCyclops
Potion of InvisibilityYetiFrost Troll
Potion of ManufacturingFemale OrcTrollCyclopsArmed Goblin
Potion of PhysiqueHobgoblinTall GargoyleCyclops
Potion of SummoningTall GargoyleFemale GoblinFemale OrcTrollCyclops
Potion of True SightForest ChimeranGiant
Magic PotionTroll
Poison AntidoteArctic ChimeranRed DragonBlack DragonIce Dragon
Orc FightingSmall GargoyleTroll
Bear FightingTroll
Troll FightingSmall GargoyleTroll
Cyclops FightingSmall GargoyleTroll
Dwarf FightingMale OgreCyclops
Elf FightingMale OgreCyclops
Human FightingMale OgreCyclops
Ore Mining, Smelting and Molding
Titanium SmeltingFemale GoblinFemale OrcHobgoblinTrollCyclops
Titanium MiningFemale GoblinFemale OrcHobgoblinTrollCyclops
Titanium MoldingFemale GoblinFemale OrcArmed GoblinHobgoblinTrollCyclops
Titanium Chain MailTall GargoyleCyclops
Steel Shield ConstructionTall GargoyleCyclops
Normal Weapons
Titanium Short SwordFemale GoblinFemale OrcTrollCyclops
Titanium Long SwordTall GargoyleMale OgreCyclops
Titanium Serpent SwordMale OgreCyclops
General Axe ConstructionMountain Chimeran
Iron Axe ConstructionFemale GoblinFemale OrcArmed GoblinTrollCyclops
Steel Axe ConstructionFemale GoblinFemale OrcTrollCyclopsForest Chimeran
Titanium Axe ConstructionFluffy Rabbit
Magic Weapons
Special SwordsBrown RabbitWhite Rabbit
Fire SwordBrown SnakeGreen SnakeRed Snake
Ice SwordWolf
Magic SwordFox
Thermal SwordPuma
Iron Sword of FireMale Ogre
Iron Broad Sword of FireMale Goblin
Iron Broad Sword of IceFemale Goblin
Steel Long Sword of FireArmed GoblinHobgoblin
Steel Long Sword of IceMale Orc
Steel Long Sword of MagicFemale Orc
Steel Two Edged Sword of FireSkeleton
Steel Two Edged Sword of IceMedium Gargoyle
Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic

Medium GargoyleTall Gargoyle

Steel Two Edged Sword of ThermalSmall Gargoyle
Titanium Short Sword of FireTroll
Titanium Short Sword of IceFluffy Rabbit
Titanium Short Sword of MagicFeros
Titanium Short Sword of ThermalCyclops
Titanium Long Sword of FireTrollMountain Chimeran
Titanium Long Sword of IceRacoon
Titanium Long Sword of MagicSkunk
Titanium Long Sword of ThermalDesert Chimeran
Serpent Sword of FireForest Chimeran
Serpent Sword of IcePanda Bear
Serpent Sword of MagicBlack Panther
Serpent Sword of ThermalFeranCyclops
Puma SummoningTall GargoyleTroll
Bear SummoningMale OgreCyclops
Gargoyle SummoningSmall GargoyleTroll
Crafting - Medallions
Sun Medallion BuildingMedium GargoyleMale OrcCyclops
Stars Medallion BuildingMale OgreCyclops
Unicorn Medallion BuildingMedium GargoyleMale OrcFemale Orc
Moon Medallion BuildingMale OgreCyclops
Crafting - Rings
Isla Prima Ring BuildingTall GargoyleMedium GargoyleFemale OrcArmed Goblin,TrollCyclops
Desert Pines Ring BuildingSmall GargoyleMedium GargoyleMale Orc
Portland Ring BuildingTall GargoyleCyclops
Naralik Ring BuildingMale Orc
White Stone Ring BuildingMedium GargoyleTroll
Valley of the Dwarves Ring BuildingMale Orc
Disengagement Ring BuildingMale OgreCyclops
Damage RingMale OgreCyclopsHawk

Telia, the book buyer

Nordcarn, inside house [136,86]

More books are listed on her page.

Metallurgy3Metal Smelting5
Titanium Smelting500Titanium Molding1,000
Titanium Short Sword400Titanium Serpent Sword5,000
Shield Construction50Steel Shield500
Crystal Processing5Unicorn Medallion Building300
Valley of the Dwarves Ring350Naralik Ring150
Ring of Disengagement1,000Ring of Damage500
Isla Prima Ring100White Stone Ring200
Desert Pines Ring150Advanced Potions10
Potion of Manufacturing250Potion of Summoning500
Gargoyle Summoning100Puma Summoning200
Bear Summoning500Orc Fighting200
Bear Fighting100Dwarf Fighting2,000
General Axe Construction1,000Iron Axe Construction1,000
Steel Axe Construction1,000Titanium Axe Construction1,000
Potion of Crafting300Magic Potion750
Moon Medallion Building1000Book of Cyclops Fighting1000
Book of Human Fighting2000

Betty, the book buyer

Glacmor Skill Academy [292,316]

More books are listed on her page.

Iron Sword of Fire2,000
Book of Fire Sword2,000Book of Ice Sword2,000
Book of Magic Sword2,000Book of Thermal Sword2,000
Book of Iron Sword of Fire2,000Book of Iron Broad Sword of Fire2,000
Book of Iron Broad Sword of Ice2,000Book of Steel Long Sword of Fire2,000
Book of Steel Long Sword of Ice2,000Book of Steel Long Sword of Magic2,000
Book of Steel Two Edged Sword of Fire2,000Book of Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice2,000
Book of Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic2,000Book of Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal2,000
Book of Accuracy2,000Book of Evasion2,000
Book of True Sight2,500Book of Invisibility2,500
Book of Poison Antidote3,000
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