No-drop Armor

Since 7-Nov-2012 leather armor, wood and enhanced wood shields, iron sword, and gold coins are undroppable on death.

Since 1-Mar-2013 iron and steel helms, iron and steel chainmail and iron and steel shields are undroppable on death.

Since 30-Apr-2014, characters will lose items (other than undroppable) on death on C2 regardless of their OA level (if they don't have a rosto).


No types of dragon armour, nor any types of bronze armour, can be repaired. The NPC's, such as Heavybeard, who repair armour can only repair up to titanium armour.

Damaged helms may have reduced protection as well. Steel Helm loses 2 points of radiation protection making it much less effective mining.


ItemArmourColdHeatRadMag ProtMag ResMis Protmax MPmax EPEMUHumanDegradeNo DropLight Modifier
Leather Helm.png Leather Helm+1+130Breakx0
Iron Helm.png Iron Helm+2-1-131Breakx4
Steel Helm.png Steel Helm+3+323Degradex
Titanium Helm.png Titanium Helm+3+1+1+1+114Degrade
Bronze Helm.png Bronze Helm+3+3+684Break
Red Dragon Helm.png Red Dragon Helm+4+2+1+1+1+20+2020Break0
Black Dragon Helm.png Black Dragon Helm+4+2+1+1+2+25+2520Break
Ice Dragon Helm.png Ice Dragon Helm+4+2+2+25+2520Degrade0
Blue Dragon Helm.png Blue Dragon Helm+4+2+2+1+45+4520Degrade

Helms do not affect defense, accuracy or critical to hit.

Torso armour

ItemArmourDefAccCritColdHeatRadMag ProtMag ResMis ProtEMUHumanDegradeNo DropLight Modifier
Padded Leather Armor.png Padded Leather Armor+1-3+2+2100Breakx3
Augmented Leather Armor.png Augmented Leather Armor+2-10-1+1+1+1100Break6
Iron Chain Mail.png Iron Chain Mail+2-5-1-1-1-2-2201Breakx15
Steel Chain Mail.png Steel Chain Mail+3-7-1-1-1-2-2182Breakx15
Titanium Chain Mail.png Titanium Chain Mail+5-7-1-1-1-2-2104Degrade12
Iron Plate Mail.png Iron Plate Mail+7-10-2-2-2-3-3+1255Degrade
Enhanced Iron Plate Mail.png Enhanced Iron Plate Mail+8-10-1-1-1-2-2+2255Degrade
Steel Plate Mail.png Steel Plate Mail+13-15-1-2-2+3185Degrade16
Titanium Plate Mail.png Titanium Plate Mail+12-13+285Degrade15
Bronze Plate Mail.png Bronze Plate Mail+15-16-1-1+4+3+3+3355Degrade
Red Dragon Mail.png Red Dragon Mail+15+487Degrade10
Black Dragon Mail.png Black Dragon Mail+15+4+3+387Degrade10
Ice Dragon Mail.png Ice Dragon Mail+15+4+4-1+2+287Degrade10
Blue Dragon Mail.png Blue Dragon Mail+15+4+5+487Degrade

Torso armour does not affect maximum ethereal points or maximum material points.

Hand armour

ItemArmourEMUHumanDegradeNo DropLight Modifier
Leather Gloves.png Leather Gloves+120Break?0

Leather gloves are used as a tool for harvesting some items.


ItemDefAccCritMag ProtMag ResMis ProtEMUHumanDegradeNo DropLight Modifier
Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield+4-1-180Breakx3
Enhanced Wooden Shield.png Enhanced Wooden Shield+5-1-1101Breakx3
Iron Shield.png Iron Shield+6-2-2162Breakx6
Steel Shield.png Steel Shield+7-2-2+4143Breakx6
Titanium Shield.png Titanium Shield+8+474Degrade6
Bronze Shield.png Bronze Shield+8-2-1+4+5205Break
Blue Dragon Shield.png Blue Dragon Shield+8+6+28 ?Degrade

Shields do not affect armour; cold, heat or radiation protection; maximum ethereal points or maximum material points.

Leg armour

ItemArmourDefAccColdHeatRadMag ProtMag ResMis ProtEMUHumanDegradeNo DropLight Modifier
Leather Pants.png Leather Pants+1-2+2+240Breakx3
Augmented Leather Pants.png Augmented Leather Pants+1-8+1+1+1+140Break5
Iron Cuisses.png Iron Cuisses+2-5-1-1-1+1164Degrade
Enhanced Iron Cuisses.png Enhanced Iron Cuisses+5-1-1+2164Degrade
Steel Cuisses.png Steel Cuisses+5-8-1-1+3104Degrade3
Titanium Cuisses.png Titanium Cuisses+6+1+1+1+164Degrade3
Bronze Cuisses.png Bronze Cuisses+7-8-1-1+3+2+2+2254Degrade
Red Dragon Cuisses.png Red Dragon Cuisses+7+3+2+367Degrade3
Black Dragon Cuisses.png Black Dragon Cuisses+7+4+2+467Degrade3
Ice Dragon Cuisses.png Ice Dragon Cuisses+7+4+4+467Degrade3
Blue Dragon Cuisses.png Blue Dragon Cuisses+7+5+367Degrade

Leg armour does not affect critical to hit, maximum ethereal points or maximum material points. Even though the accuracy column appears empty, some degraded leg armour, including Damaged Bronze Cuisses, do affect accuracy.

Foot armour

ItemArmourAccColdHeatRadMag ProtMag ResMis Protmax EPEMUHumanDegradeNo DropLight Modifier
Leather Boots.png Leather Boots+1+1+130Breakx2
Iron Greaves.png Iron Greaves+2-3-1-1+184Degrade
Enhanced Iron Greaves.png Enhanced Iron Greaves+4-1-1+284Degrade
Steel Greaves.png Steel Greaves+5-6-1-1+384Degrade6
Titanium Greaves.png Titanium Greaves+4-5+1+1+3+144Degrade6
Bronze Greaves.png Bronze Greaves+5-6+2+2+2+2204Degrade
Red Dragon Greaves.png Red Dragon Greaves+6+2+1+247Degrade6
Black Dragon Greaves.png Black Dragon Greaves+6+3+1+347Degrade6
Ice Dragon Greaves.png Ice Dragon Greaves+6+3+3+347Degrade6
Blue Dragon Greaves.png Blue Dragon Greaves+6+4+2+547Degrade

Foot armour does not affect defense, critical to hit, maximum ethereal points or maximum material points. Even though the accuracy column appears empty, some degraded foot armour, including Damaged Bronze Greaves do affect accuracy.

Special armour

ItemSpecial effect
Red Dragon Helm.png Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana+170 max Material Points, +40 max Ethereal Points
Steel Helm of Mana.png Steel Helm of Mana+150 max Ethereal Points
Titanium Helm of Life.png Titanium Helm of Life+150 max Material Points
Steel Plate Mail of Healing.png Steel Plate Mail of Healing3% chance of healing 25 Material Points
Titanium Plate Mail of Freezing.png Titanium Plate Mail of Freezing4% chance to freeze an opponent
Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain.png Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain4% chance to do Mana Drain
Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal.png Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal3% chance to have all your cooldowns removed
Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense.png Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense2% chance to increase your defense skill by 5, up to +19 to defense
Titanium Greaves of Mirroring.png Titanium Greaves of MirroringGives the Mirror Skin Perk
Titanium Shield of Life Drain.png Titanium Shield of Life Drain4% chance to do Life Drain

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