04 Equipment

Naturally enough, these pages will contain information relating to all the tools, hardware, accessories and gadgets that the Minion Hunters might encounter or desire.


The equipment lists placed under Equipment 03 - General Stores are not my original work. While they contain many items done by me, they are essentially me throwing more 'flesh' onto a 'skeleton' comprising the excellent gear lists of Paul Mulcahy for his Twilight: 2000 site and Domenic de Bechi for his Millennium's End pages (now apparently in a permanent "The site is presently down. Please try again another time." state).
I basically took what they had and added more or expanded their original descriptions.
Paul's site: -
Paul's equipment page: -
Access to Domenic's site can still be done via the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine using
Both men created very good equipment lists, none of it was as modern as I wanted for Dark Conspiracy however, i.e. their lists were aimed at a gameworld timeframe of the 1990s. Also, a number of Dark Conspiracy fans do not visit websites that are exclusively Twilight: 2000 because the gear lists are, obviously, not themed for DC and a lot of alteration would have to be done to make them fit their DC games - my versions of those lists hopefully go some way towards redressing this.
These listings should not be viewed as a challenge to their work or abilities but rather a complimentary expansion of their work to cover a later timeframe i.e. 2010+
A small but important collection in the Tools section was created by Matt Geisler who while no longer maintaining a website, does have his pages hosted at http://www.ludd.ltu.se/~antenna/matt/index.htm
Lee Williams kindly allowed me to make use of the corporation & vehicles he created for his GAWAG company, details of which can be found in the e-zine Demonground issue 13. At present the Demonground site is about halfway through its change of servers but you can already download all the issues produced (although you need to register to do so apparently).
Demonground can be found at http://demonground.org/ 

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Many items are real world but a good many are speculative, based on what’s known about various technologies currently being researched. A few others are products of a vivid imagination but they seemed too cool to leave out!

Note that some real world items are somewhat modified for ease of use in game (body armour and the associated trauma plates, for example. So many different types but all doing basically the same thing, it seems like overkill to include them all and no differentiation is made between different sizes of armour)

There is quite a lot of body armour available because there’s a lot of it in the real world but in terms of the gameworld, my preference is to reduce the number of hitpoints a PC has in comparison to GDWs’ recommendation, so the game is somewhat more dangerous. So there’s a lot more body armour to compensate the PCs for living in a dangerous world!


Dyneema and Spectra body armour is very similar and for game purposes could be considered essentially equal in all respects. For my campaign, I have lesser quantities of Spectra because it is manufactured in the US and military/police forces, companies & individuals in that part of the world will be first in line to purchase it. Whatever is left is distributed to Europe.

Dyneema is manufactured in Europe and so more common but due to the market laws of supply & demand, has become somewhat more expensive than Spectra items.
Whatever the issues in the real world may be with Pinnacle Armor's Dragon Skin body armour, the concept is good and I like the idea so it's been included. At some point in the future I intend to add something from the latest research into personal protection including carbon fibre, biosteel and liquid body armour.


Dimensions are expressed as Length, Width & Height.

Weights are rounded to one decimal place only except in regards to ammunition (I impose enough penalties already so this is one place where the PCs get shown some favouritism).
A note on some abbreviations on weapons & vehicle cards.
GWH - Game World History, an indication of how the item has been used in the game world.
RWH - Real World History, some entries are entirely fictional, some are fictional accounts of a real item. This section details the reality.
Fictional firearms entries also include a blue header background to indicate they are not available in the realworld or are made-up accounts of a realworld weapon.

Dark Conspiracy makes use of Metric measurements.

Equipment Availability:

Availability codes are expressed as follows – (S/C) where the letter to the left indicates availability without a Contact and the letter to the right indicates availability with a Contact.


Codes in use for equipment availability (in order of highest to lowest availability).

A = Abundant

V = Very Common

C = Common

S = Scarce

R = Rare

E = Extremely Rare

-  = not normally available

Examples of availability:
Abundant: cheap alcohol, cheap cigarettes,
Very Common: typical civilian clothing
Common: fuel cell cars, soy/TVP based foodstuffs (for the masses)
Scarce: fresh food (as in non-preserved)
Rare: Rolls Royce coupe
Extremely Rare: high tech military gear
-: Dark Tek
Checking for equipment availability.
Roll 1D20 and consult the following table: -
Example: If an item is V (Very Common) and the PC is searching for it in a Major City, then any D20 roll of 15 or less indicates that it is available for acquisition.
Obtaining equipment through Contacts:
In many cases, gear is more readily available through a Contact than without e.g. it's obviously easier to get controlled medical supplies if you're friends with a pharmacist. However, Contacts will not supply items gratis, they too have to contact someone, pay a bribe or pay for research on an item, cut time from their own job to find the thing you want or cover up the sudden lack of gear from the stocktake and so on. Like anyone, they expect to be fairly compensated for their efforts. Sometimes this will be purely monetary, other times it might require a favour.
Paying for items from Contacts:
Items obtained through a Contact are subject to random price fluctuations. Sometimes a seller might have more items than they want and will offer it cheaper than expected. Sometimes the item may be exceedingly difficult to locate and the expenses incurred will be added to the final price.
In all cases the following formula is applied to decide the final price to the PC: -
Roll 1D10 for price increase/decrease
1-5 = decrease
6-10 = increase
If a decrease is rolled, roll 1D10/2 for a 1D5 result. The result of the 1D5 roll is multiplied by 10 with that figure being the percentage that the listed price decreases.
If an increase is rolled, roll 1D10. The result  is multiplied by 10 with that figure being the percentage that the listed price increases -
 meaning that an item could well be 100% more expensive than the list price.

A final word about Money

All prices are expressed as a Dollar value rather than in British Pounds and while in the gameworld British pride means that citizens of the UK continue to use the Pound, the reality is that the Eurodollar (i.e. the Ecu) is the standard currency. For game purposes, the Pound and the Eurodollar are worth equal amounts.
While it could be argued that not using Pounds means a loss of some game flavour, the opposite is actually the case for DC-London, the Pound is losing out to the Ecu but many Britons stubbornly resist and both currencies are used. Britons in the gameworld also refuse to call the Eurodollar by its given name of Ecu, preferring to use the name Euro as a short form of Eurodollar. They mean this as an insult, implying that the Corps are enforcing their vision of money & economics over national currencies i.e. the Pound.
It also means that anybody using the gear listed here can put it into a US campaign without having to worry about currency exchange rates - besides, I have neither Pound nor Ecu symbols on my Australian keyboard.

Yes, they are available in the game but I don't have the patience to construct a better collection of cybernetics than the list found at Ron's Carolina Triad Sanctuary DC site. I use his compilation because it's pretty damned good.
Here's the link and here's the link to the CTS home page.