DarkAngel23g                 DarkAngel23gDarkangel23gXDMore about me!!!!!!!!                 DarkAngel23g
                          =^.^=Hi my name is Katie, and I lov {Anime!!!!!!!!!!!}

 This is TOBI!!!!Tobi says HI/peace!!!

 And he rulesXD!!!!!


I was born in Garland Texas. I grew up in Caddo Mills TX

I lived with my mom,and my grandfarther for all of my life.

I have somewhat of a lot of friends-.0. Most of them say that im weird,funny and "cool" in some ways. Um.............. ok lets see OH!!!!!

I LOV NARUTO!!!!!!! XD Tobi rules!!!!!!!!

                          Things about meXD!!!!

1. My favorit color is black&royalblue

2. LuckyCharms are my favorit>XD there magicly delicious.

3. Avenged Sevenfold RULES!!!!!!!!!!

4. My mom works in a "Graveyard"XD I couldnt think of anything so I just put her JobXD IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME!>.<!

5. Tactics is like my new favorit anime ever!!!!!!!!!!