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Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative
King's Canyon, Red Center, Australia


I'm currently a research lead and manager for Applied Machine Learning at Facebook, helping push the state of the art and build cutting-edge intelligent systems that can make the world more open and connected by understanding people and content. 

Before joining Facebook I worked as a Senior Data Scientist for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in the Big Data space. Prior to that I was a Senior Researcher in Artificial Intelligence working at Tecnalia Research & Innovation, designing and applying Machine Learning algorithms for complex industrial systems. Previously, I was a Research Fellow in the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering (RSISE) of the Australian National University and in the Machine Learning Group at NICTA working with Prof. Bob Williamson on theoretical aspects of Machine Learning (check the Research tab for more info). 

Before going down under I was a happy PhD. candidate in the Signal Theory and Communications Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (where they were even kind enough to award me with the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize), and a visitor at the Max Planck Research Group for Machine Learning Theory in beautiful Hamburg. Prior to all that graduate madness, I got my M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad de Cantabria, working with the Advanced Signal Processing Group (GTAS).

I also play and record music whenever I have the chance.

Latest news

  • Conditional t-SNE The great work that Bo Kang did while interning at Facebook is now published in the Machine Learning journal (check out the Publications section)
    Posted 19 Dec 2020, 06:22 by Darío García
  • AILIKEIT2 I am very happy to have been part of the AILIKEIT2 event in my beloved Madrid, discussing Facebook's approach to building ethically responsible AI products. The rest of speakers ...
    Posted 17 Jun 2019, 08:04 by Darío García
  • AI Ethics Workshop @ NIPS 2018 I am co-organizing the first AI Ethics Workshop at NIPS. It will be a great opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners from many diverse fields (AI, policy, philosophy ...
    Posted 26 Nov 2018, 18:58 by Darío García
  • Applied Machine Learning @ FB NYC I'm starting up a new team in New York City, focused on designing and building next-generation algorithms for representation learning and personalization. We're always looking for great ...
    Posted 2 May 2018, 15:37 by Darío García
  • @Scale 2017 Interested in Machine Learning at scale? I'm helping with the ML track for the @Scale conference (https://atscaleconference.com/) to be held in San Jose on 2017-08-31 ...
    Posted 3 Aug 2017, 10:22 by Darío García
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