US Productions


Homomania (sound Miguel Castro, started at ICUR); 

The Bird, The Fox and the Full Moon (Texture Films) 




Kaleidoscope (Xerox Motion, first animations using Xerox, CopyMotion ® system developed by Darino).

Forgotten Legends (6) (intended in the 70’s to produce animation-film for export from Uruguay, took 30 years to be a reality)

Back Stage (Martin Rosenthal)

La Ola y la arena (Tony Del Campo)

The Legend of the Amazon River (narrated by Ely Wallach)

The Great Cover Up (Texture Films)

Ugly duckling - Beauty and the Beast (Fred Ladd)

Voucher , Voucher, Who got the Voucher (research foundation)

Doble o Nada, Gaucho al Galope, La Carreta (early hand drawn animation)

Hello? ( xerox motion for the 100 years of the phone ).

Poison on the Walls ( for NYC Health Dept.)

Apex (cinemascope,  shot in high contrast film, color polarizations through multiple passes).

Self Scan (how to live with cancer, interactive presentation, using artists own scans).

NY Virtual Tour (animation created from a bicycle, interactive presentation).

Multiple work for Urban Academy, Texture films, Films for the Humanities, and more.



The Strangers (US Bicentennial).

Poison on the Walls (NYCity Health). 

Frasconi, Against the Grain.

Los Desaparecidos (woodcuts by Frasconi).

Candombe (with Carlos Paez Vilaro-text Jorge Luis Borges).

Es un arbol y una nube (Pablo Szir).

Live Memories.


Guri the Young Gaucho (starring Eli Wallach)

Special Visual Effects:

This Day in History

This Day in Hollywood

This Day in New York ( daily clips, produced by Tom Ashley)

Dream Come True

The Geek

Gods of Metal (Robert Richter)

Breakers (Anthony Drazan)

Teresa (Carmen Rodon-Alidha Avila)

The Watchman (William Reilly)

I Fell in Love with God (Michelle Dos Santos) 

Glen Cove (Judy Ferguson) 

The Last Space Trip of Wallace Ramsel (Donald Wilson)

Love (Carol Millican, Mary Szilogy)

Other Animations:



Manhattan Cable



USA Network

American Lung Assoc

DC Comics Superman

Visiting Nurse Service of New York


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