Assoc.Digital Animators Award


We have known Ed over 10 years and have always marveled at his exceptionally creative mind and his ability to put his ideas into superbly elegant and creative animation works.  His ability to coax the very best and interesting content out of "ordinary" hardware and software has amazed us.  But that is such a small portion of Ed.  We have seen what he has done in the educational environment to assist, inspire and mold the next generation of animators.  We have seen -- and supported -- his efforts to give back to his native and his adopted countries.  It is the latter two activities that make us admire him most because we have all seen extremely talented and creative people who produce outstanding work but at the end of the day they are shallow and egoistically self-centered.  That is not Ed Darino who gives and shares his talent and his expertise without hesitation.   Our involvement with Ed has been as a professional, as a colleague and we hope to some small measure as a friend.  

Andy Marken, president,
Marken Communications

Ed and his bsolutely brilliant, sterling career. 
B.Harvey  = Movielab.

I was very fortunate to have Ed Darino as a professor while I attended Pratt Institute.  Ed is one of the most influential people I have met in my life. He has the most amazing sense of humor, and utilizes it as a tool in his ability to reach his students.  His talent is limitless and yet he is extremely humble.  I have found a remarkable mentor and friend in Ed Darino, and I am very proud of all of his accomplishments.
Kevi Akemi Louis-Johnson.

I've known Ed Darino for many years in his role as a professor of digital media in the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. Ed has always been interested in education, and when I was department chair, I took one look at his resumé and reel, and hired him on the spot.
The fact that he was also charming and down-to earth didn't hurt.

Ed is a passionate, dedicated instructor, with a disarming sense of humor. He's also a committed member of our faculty, and I consider myself very fortunate to have him as a colleague. Most of all, Ed's extensive professional experience, wisdom, keen eye, and creative mind have been consistently invaluable to our program, and to Pratt institute.

Rick Barry
Professor and Past Chairperson,
Department of Digital Arts, Pratt Institute.

Darino  was a master of quick-editing, also known for using multiple images within one frame. Any of his shorts had more cuts than many feature films I matched. =  
S. Sloan, Negative matcher. (A1 & TVC Labs. 1990-2001)

I must thank Edwin Pryor for introducing me to Eduardo, he had many excellent ideas for my experimental film:  We Can't Go Home Again
Nicholas Ray – (NYU, 76).

Ed Darino was my professor at Pratt Institute. He was a great instructor who helped me tremendously to get a start on my career path. He helped me further realize my dream of working in the computer graphics industry. He has a great personality with great humor and it was joy to be his student.
Melissa Blount - Broadcast Designer Director.

"Ed Darino is 'dynamite.' I thought his classes were excellent! Ed knows his stuff and he enjoyed teaching it.Thanks to him I am now Director of the Film Department at the Chinese University. Thanks ED!!"
Ying Jo-Hoo.

- "I really appreciate Darino’s knowledge, time, energy and enthusiasm that he brings/puts into the class. I am a Broadcast Designer thanks to him."
Kristine  Crwalina. Broadcast Designer, Korea.

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