Films in Uruguay

Animation, Drawn-Painted on the Film:

Creacion (first animation hand painted on film in LatinAmerica). Diplome, Festival D'Annecy, 63. France.

El Idolo

Cocktail de Rayas

Sombras y Luces

Sombras sin luces

Correcaminos (first basic animation on computer in LatinAmerica) aka Caminante.


El suicida (with Felipe Lacroze)

Delito (with Adela Gleijer, Mario Branda). Best Film, Film Crticis Assoc, Montevideo, 64.

Tan Solo Hombres (with Mario Branda). First Prize, Festival Cine Montevideo, Best Film, Festival di Rapallo, Italy.


Pontoporia - El delfin del Plata, Orate Frates,  multiple science shorts at ICUR, 

Pasaporte (Canal 12-Turismo).

El Lapiz Magico (Turismo).

Animation for Television:




BP Color 

feature: with Julian Murguia: Aparicio Saravia .

with Rodolfo Musitelli "Apex" (first short produced in Uruguay in Cinemascope).
"Posterizing images way before Andy Warhol, who did it in the 70s" International film Guide.)

co-produced with Zenit Intl.  & TV12 Pasaporte tv series ;  

Experimental Digital Animation: (2011-2012)

Ararity  (Ecology-animation).

Punta del Este (groups of animation at pixel level with real times particles–
system developed by Darino. To be screened individually or as an interactive group in multiple monitors.

Digital Brush (Real time particles).

La Mansa (Real time particles).

La Brava (Real time particles).

Atardecer -Sunset (Real time particles).

Llovizna - Drizzle (Real time particles).

Luna llena - Fool Moon (Real time particles).

Soleado - Sunny (Real time particles).

Olas - Waves (Real time particles).