Collections, Libraries, Galleries

This is not a complete list, but a reference from the data or logs
provided by the distributors, many of them now out of business.

Complete collection at:
Archivo Nacional de la Imagen, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Archivo de la Imagen, Udelar, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay.
Pratt AV Library, N.Y.

Documentaries at:
Museo Nacionald de Bellas Artes, Montevideo Uruguay.

Museo Municipal, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Museo de la Memoria, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Vaughn College, Queens, NY

as by Texture Films – Films Inc - Films for the Humanities. log:.

Animations & Art Films (Frasconi, Cuneo, Torres Garcia)at:
Museo Nacionald de Bellas Artes, Montevideo Uruguay.

Museo Municipal, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Museo Moderno, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Albion College Michigan.

Atlanta Art Association Library, Georgia.

Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland.

University of Berkeley AV Library, California.

Boston Public Library, Massachusetts.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts.

Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge.

Art Institute Library of Chicago, Illinois.

Cincinnati Art Museum Library, Ohio.

Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio.

Fort Worth Art Association, Texas.
Daughter of American Revolution, Austin.

State University Teachers College, Genesee, N .Y.

Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire.

Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii .

Children Film Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Art Museum, Princeton University, Pennsylvania.

Graphic Arts Collection, Princeton, Pennsylvania.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California.

Seattle Art Center Library,Washington.

Springfield Art Library Museum, Missouri .

Tucson Fine Arts Library, Arizona.

Special screenings presented by the author:

1975 "Homomania" - Museum of Modern Art, NY. (NYU Program).

1984 “Animation:Tango, Kaleidoscope, Carousel, Homomania” by Eduardo Darino, “Donnell Library Center” N.Y.

1986 "Two Films About Antonio Frasconi "Donnell Library Cenler NewYork.

          “Frasconi, against the grain” exhibit & Participant Round table, Festival Latino,
           Papp Public Theater, NY.
          “Save the Earth” screened at “Safe life on Earth” Cambridge, Mass.

          “Los Desaparecidos” Convergencia Democratica, Edison, New Jersey.
                 Invited  Represion Exi lio y Democracia-La Cultura -
           homaqe & exhibit to the reestablishment of Democracy in Uruguay, Univ.Maryland

Satcom Digital Libraries- Documentaries screened worldwide.