Artist Statement

I always felt that technology with no substance is empty, and images – coming from film or video – are an appropriate media for telling a good story with a strong message.

Pabo Szir working with Sabato, Antin and Torre Nilson (in Argentina) taught me that it is not so important how do we tell a story but what do we tell, or the story itself.

A short film or video, a 30 seconds tv spot, can be made big enough to hold a whole statement, and I’ve always regarded a take enough material to sustain the message of one single image, event or idea, as long as it is well presented. This is the essence of animation at pixel level, where I can include an animated sequence that can be transformed through the magic of particles.

I started to animate pixels and bring new ideas of color into my animations (Sunset, Tsunami, La Brava, Storm day etc. that many confuse with a simple video) and I am very eager to develop these ideas further. I am currently investigating those approaches to color relationships and animation at pixel level that derive from real time particles, offering more intense image contrasts, defiance and juxtapositions.

I am intrigued with the possibilities of these animations delivering a message, and I intend to dedicate time to focus on the use of photography in the reconstruction of memories.
Real time particles work well, essential to this plan is to continue working with them as delivery media of an important message as a tool to use representing and reconstructing the past


I have participated in the art world in New York for the past four decades and I feel that I contributed to the evolution of animation technology and the relationship between classic cell animation , 2d and 3d computer assisted or created animation and digital imaging. 

My work has been a constant evolution of experimental opportunities, from the Xerox to the Motion control and 3D world to Buffer animation and real time particles. I feel that my recent work with pixel animation in real time particles, has reached a level of maturity that it has enhanced relevance in the total spectrum of issues concerning story-telling, message delivery as well as acceptance by the community of artists, critics and curators working in the field of contemporary visual art. 


The potential of critical response through exhibition and screenings is an essential element of the successful completion of any work of art. Since the planning stages of this project, I received help screening tests and samples that helped me receive valuable feedback. Tests for the present project was shown and also commented through Pratt Institute Digital Arts, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Independent Feature project, NY Caravan Discussion Group, as well as Ort University, Udelar-University of the Republic and National Archive of the Image in Montevideo.

Highlight - Achievments.

Animated: Snoopy, Garfield, Raggedy Ann, The Little King, Superman.
Created copy-motion system, using standard office copiers for animation.

Created-produced for 10 years: The Library of Special Effects, first ever collection of
stock ready to use animated backgrounds and effects, followed by first ever re-usable templates.
Directed interactive multi-camera presentations at Mondial, (Fashion & Coiffure)  Paris.France.

My work is at Disney Park, Florida, Museum of Religion, Jerusalem, Cinematheque Poland, Paris, Montevideo, and many film collections in US Universities or Libraries by Films for the Humanities list.

Developed particles in Real Rime (against usual ones that take long time to render).

Received Ada Award.

Concerning the expected outcome stated in my abstract it should be noted that I am continuing and expanding on a body of work that I have been developing since I discovered Mclaren in the 60s and I applied scratches on raw stock film in the 70’s. Each step and experimentation has lead into the following challenge which now come together in an incredible blend possible only through the opportunities of the digital technology.

I will continue to share my information with colleges and students at Pratt Institute and New York University as well as those who invite me to lecture, in the US and around the world (UCLA, SUNY, CUNY, ORT & UDELAR in Uruguay, etc.).