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Sugar is Bad for You

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Sugar is addictive!

Since becoming interested in the Palaeolithic way to eat, I've also taken an interest in other aspects of our diet and what's bad for us and what we really shouldn't be eating/consuming as part of our Diet. Sugar is emerging as one of our biggest problems in the food we consume, yes I can hear the words, "a little sugar, how is that a problem", well a little sugar is probably all right, what one teaspoon a day? You're right it probably has little effect on us, but most people aren't just having a teaspoon a day, some people are consuming copious amounts in virtually everything they eat, everyday. Don't believe me, check the sugar content of all the foods you eat, then get back to me, it's probably much more sugar consumption than you think.

Sugar is Sweet Poison!
The food and sugar industries have a plan to con us into consuming more sugar, just like a drug dealer does to their clients, they want you addicted, they want you to crave Sugar, they want us to think we can't live without it, don't believe me, fine, have a look at the information in the youtube videos below, or read a book on the subject, it may just save you and your children's lives, cutting out sugar may prevent diseases and of course obesity!

 Paleo Diet and Sugar 

Obviously sugar is not a part of the Paleo Diet, big  no, no, but aside from the Paleo Diet there is more and more evidence mounting that sugar is bad for us, so even if you can't handle doing the Paleo Diet, you could take one part of it and give up all Sugar and processed foods, most processed foods will contain sugar, so don't be fooled it all adds up to increasing your daily sugar intake!


I will list some of the Books that are related to quitting sugar and why you should remove it from your diet.

David Gillespie has long been an advocate of quitting sugar for better health and weight loss, here is a link to all of his books on Google Play Book Store. Click the link below to peruse David's Books.

Robert H. Lustig is an American pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) where he is a professor of clinical pediatrics. He practices in the field of neuroendocrinology, with an emphasis on the regulation of energy balance by the central nervous system. He also has a special interest in childhood obesity.

Lustig came to public attention through his efforts to establish that fructose can have serious deleterious effects on human (especially children's) health if consumed in too large amounts. On May 26, 2009, he delivered a lecture called "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" which was posted on YouTube the following July and "went viral" with some 5.8 million viewings (as of August 10, 2015). In his lecture, Lustig calls fructose a "poison" and equates its metabolic effects with those of ethanol.

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Movies and Documentaries to look out for, they aren't on Youtube, they're still under copyright!

Fed Up
Is Sugar the New Fat
That Sugar Film


It’s common knowledge in Paleo diet circles that sugar, especially the sugar fructose, should be limited and that it can cause a multitude of problems like those categorized under the metabolic syndrome umbrella term. Unlike other major unhealthy foods and non-foods (eg.: grains, soy, vegetable oils), sugar is also in foods that are natural and healthy like fruits and vegetables. This can make it hard for us to really understand the dangers of consuming too much sugar and reminders are often a good idea.

Links to Information on the Subject of Sugar

Sugar is Killing Us!
Article posted on the

Videos that Explain the Negative Health Effects of Sugar

Here's some videos that give a run down on Sugar and it's negative effects, the first is a short video that children would understand, the second is a news report and the third is a "Sixty Minutes" report and the fourth is a University lecture that explains it all in detail for those who like the science behind any claims that are made.

Sugar is killing us! (3.31 minutes)

The Secrets of Sugar (45.12 minutes)

Is Sugar Toxic - 60 Minutes Investigates (13.39 minutes)

Sugar: the Bitter Truth (89.36 minutes)


My Personal Story of quitting Sugar from my Blog...

No Sugar