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Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Myths and Legends...

I must admit it can get rather frustrating even daring to mention the Paleo Diet out in public, it's amazing the amount of pure hatred there is out there about this diet, this page will be about debunking the Paleo Diet Myths and frankly uninformed negative information "out there" there is about this Diet and Lifestyle, a lot of the negativity is about it's bloody name lol.


Here's a great Debunking the Paleo Diet Myth infographic from Loren Cordain's website.

paleo debunking the myths infographic

The link to this particular web page on Loren Cordain's web site and further more detailed information is HERE! Even though I'll be referencing from a variety of good websites, Loren Cordain's website is what a consider "bible" information, Loren's information is the correct Pure Paleo manual to follow if one is unsure about Paleo. The Paleo Diet website is highly recommended!