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Paleo Diet Methods

There are quite a few Paleo Lifestyle Experts these days, I will try to add at least one tutorial type video of the main and well liked Paleo Lifestyle authors etc.

Some of the Paleo Diets are strict and some have been watered down so much, to make it easier for people I guess which is a bit silly imo, sticking to it strictly will achieve the best results.

 The Videos 

Here's some youtube videos by well known Paleo Diet and Lifestyle advocates for this way of living, Terry Wahl's story is very interesting, particularly for people who have Multiple Sclerosis. The Paleo Diet may be a way to help ease the day to day symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Terry Wahls
Terry Wahls had secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Terry seems to be on to something!

Terry Wahls

Loren Cordain

Loren Cordain is one of the Paleo Diet experts, this video is 1 hour and 12 minutes, but well worth a watch if you can last that long!

Loren Cordain