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What you can't Eat on the Paleo Diet

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Food that is not allowed on the Paleo Diet!

A list of foods that should be avoided on the Paleo Diet, there are also Paleo approved foods that shouldn't be eaten if weight loss is your goal, stay away from fruit and "don't eat anything that comes in a box"

Follow the Paleo Diet "guidelines" and you will lose weight and feel better!

 List of Foods you cannot Eat on the Paleo Diet 

No to Processed Food!

The Consumption of any food that has been processed to make it taste better or last longer, is another big no, no, please don't do it, take a stand, eat all natural food, not additives created in a laboratory!

No to Food that comes in a Box!

This is a simple rule that makes it easier for you to choose the correct foods to eat while following the Paleo Diet, yeah, yeah, I know some times good food comes in a box, I often get frozen spinach that comes in a box, but nearly always anything that comes in a box will be processed food!

No to Legumes!

Legumes should not be Eaten on the Paleo Diet, it does cut down you vegetables to eat list quite a bit, but the benefits of cutting Legumes out of one's diet soon becomes apparent!

List of some Legumes below

Alfalfa, Clover, Peas, Beans, Lentils, Lupins, Mesquite, Carob, SoybeansPeanuts,Tamarind

No to Grains!

All Grains are out!

List of some Grains below

Wheat, Barley, Rye, 

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No to Dairy!

Milk products are out! Yep I do eat Butter, Clarified butter or Ghee as it's known, I eat eggs, which really are wrongly categorised under Dairy I reckon, but it does seem to be the norm! 

No to Sugar!

Sugar is bad mmmkay! Just don't consume sugar at all when on the Paleo Diet, that of course includes anything that has sugar in it, natural sugars found in fruit is acceptable, but even then it is not wise to consume a lot of fruit, some, of course, but eating lots of fruit can be problematic!

No to GMO!

Definitely no Genetically Modified Organisms are allowed on the Paleo Diet, stay informed do your research on where to find Organically Grown Alternatives, it's the only way to fuel your body, fresh, organic and natural, the only way to go!

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