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Multiple Sclerosis & the Paleo Diet

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Can the Paleo Diet Help My MS?

That's a good question, it's a question that I am trying to find the answer to, I am currently "on the Paleo Diet" right now (2016-02-07), I have been eating the Paleo way since 2015-12-25, early days, but all is going as planned so far, yes I started doing it on Christmas Day to avoid a new years resolution lol. I always fail at New Years resolutions, so I avoided making one, but it was time to make some changes and I wanted to give myself the best chance to succeed.

Although it may be anecdotal evidence and not scientific, there are some basic facts that really can't be disputed, being overweight is counter productive to ones health, eating healthy foods can only be good for you, cutting Sugar and processed foods out of your diet is beneficial for your health, the evidence is mounting that eating a whole food diet is the way to go, for a better health outcome. If you have a Chronic Illness of any kind, why not be the healthiest you can be so you don't suffer from issues that can be avoided, it's only logical, isn't it?

 Possible Benefits of the Paleo Diet on My MS Symptoms 

I've been eating the Paleo allowed foods for over a month now and exercising (walking mainly) for about a month, I am definitely feeling better, my sleep patterns and quality of sleep has improved, my ability to exercise has been excellent as has my MS fatigue issues, which of course makes it a lot easier to get off my arse and actually go for a walk. I have a feeling that my consumption of coffee and sugar (Iced Coffees) was one of the culprits that prevented me from getting a good nights sleep, my insulin levels have levelled out so I'm not getting insulin spikes from the sugar I was consuming, I was often "wired" and couldn't get to sleep, I'd often lay in bed awake so I'd get out of bed and back on the computer or watch some TV until I would just crash, not great if you want to try and live a normal life like most others do...

My mood has changed to a more positive one, rather than constant negative thoughts, I guess achieving something and being in control of your diet and getting out there and exercising no doubt helps with being more positive about things.

More to come, it's late and I need to sleep lol...