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The Paleo diet or Caveman diet as it's also called, to me, seems pretty logical. The basics are "High Fat, Low Carb", no grains, lots of meat, no sugar no "processed" food and no dairy, nothing that comes in a box. Scroll down for a list of Paleo foods that I bought from Coles Online so you can get an idea of what's Paleo "allowed" and brand names for items like Ghee and Lard, it's a decent example for a start anyway. Bear in mind people adjust and tweak their Paleo diet so it suits them better, if you don't like certain foods you will need to make adjustments.

I started the Paleo Diet on 2012-03-09, some of the food I had wasn't Paleo recommended, but I didn't want to waste food while people are starving in the world, this also made it a bit easier to transition to the Paleo Diet.

Useful Resources for the Paleo Diet

Australian and New Zealand specific

Eat, Drink Paleo

Eat, Drink Paleo!

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Modern Paleo ~ way to go...Paleo...

Modern Paleo

Farmers Markets

Victorian Farmers Markets

I'll try and find other states as I go, stay tuned :)

International sites

Please Note: The links below are an American site, therefore they care less about other areas of the world, I emailed them to add Kangaroo Meat under the "Game meat" category, it fell on deaf ears of course, so while they do have some great info, it is very USA centric, so you may not recognise some of the foods listed. In this case google is your friend. I will endeavour to keep searching for great Aussie Paleo web sites

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Kangaroo meat

Kangaroo meat is available from coles they stock a brand called "Macro Meats" so look out for it, go for plain steaks not marinated, make your own marinate from Paleo approved foods would be the better way to go. Personally I love just plain Kangaroo meat, bear in mind Kangaroo meat has virtually no fat and is free range, they do not farm Kanagaroos so they are essentially grass fed, which makes it a perfect Paleo diet recommended meat. It is reasonably priced as well! Note that I ordered two Kangaroo fillet packs, so it is actually a decent price for what you get.