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Multiple Sclerosis Resources

I have Multiple Sclerosis, Relapsing Remitting MS (RRMS), I do my best to spread awareness about MS where I can, mainly links to MS related resources that People with Multiple Sclerosis may find handy. These are all websites I either manage or trust as good sources of Multiple Sclerosis Information. I am very passionate about the Community side of things as well, I like to help others that have MS.

I should say that having MS is no walk in the park (often literally) when I was first diagnosed I was shit scared, though I decided to be an informed MSer rather than one in denial, I like to keep up to date with the latest medical and treatment news, I get my faith and hope from medical science rather than silly platitudes or praying to some deity! There is hope, there is lots of money in drug therapy so it's in the drug company's best interest to advance the treatments that are available to people that have Multiple Sclerosis.

Please Check out the links and information listed below!

Multiple Sclerosis Resources

 OzMS - Multiple Sclerosis in Australia 

This is a web site domain I have owned for about 5-10 years, sorry MS memory isn't the best (lol), I could find out how long, I'm just MS lazy...

Click the link below for some great Australian Specific Information!

 Multiple Sclerosis Buzz - MS Buzz 

Multiple Sclerosis News aggregation for the retrieval of news stories that are relevant to MS..

Click the link below to get the latest Multiple Sclerosis updates!

 What Is Multiple Sclerosis? 

I usually put a link to the Wikipedia Multiple Sclerosis entry here, it's not a bad basic resource for people who have MS and those wanting to get an overview. Always consult your doctor if in any doubt or just to be sure!

Click the link below to see the Wikipedia entry for Multiple Sclerosis!

Wikipedia Multiple Sclerosis Entry

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

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