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I try to stay healthy as best that I can, it can be a bit of a struggle when one has Multiple Sclerosis, soldier one we must! I actually live a lot more healthier than I've ever been in my adult life. It's a catch 22 when you live with Multiple Sclerosis, most MSers suffer from a very extreme fatigue symptom and of course many other symptoms that can affect one's ability to exercise or even prepare your own meals.

One of the things they have worked out is that exercise is very important for anyone that has MS, the fact is though that not all MSers have an easy time do any kind of exercise, for some it's virtually impossible because of their level of disability.

 Rowing and Walking 

Although my legs have been very weak at times, I was in a wheelchair for about three months from one of the exacerbation's I had, where I lost the ability to walk I did recover from that attack with steroids, rehab and Tai Chi. I finally after many years of laziness and lack of confidence, started to walk around the block where my unit is, I would walk around the block about six times. When I first started, I was walking like a drunk, slowly I got more feeling and strength in my legs, it really did help me.

I have just recently purchased a Concept 2 Rower, a great low impact way to exercise that will give a workout that is quite complete in that you get to exercise many areas of your body all at once, it's early days, but I am already feeling some minor improvements, I'm currently doing a 2000 metre workout on the Concept 2. I'm trying out the "New Google Sites" so I created a Concept 2 website with more information about this great Indoor Rower at the following site.

or you can just got to Concept 2's website at the following link for all the information you could ever want.