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I often get asked "where is the best and cheapest available Vitamin D capsules for sale on line", I always recommend iHerb for all vitamin and supplement needs, they are reliable, reputable and very reasonably priced, especially for Australian and Worldwide buyers who are seeking a store to fulfill there Vitamin D needs.

 My Personal Vitamin D3 Buying Advice! 

Yes I am concentrating on iHerb as you will see, but just know that I only recommend them because I have used them quite a few times and have found iHerb to be a great company to deal with, please always consult with your GP before taking high strength vitamin D, it pays to get a blood test to know what your Vitamin D levels are at before you consider supplementation, you may have high or decent levels already.

In Australia we can only buy 1000iu strength Vitamin D over the counter, having multiple sclerosis, the recommendation is to keep your Vitamin D levels at optimum levels which for me at least requires taking five capsules a day if I bought Ostelin Vitamin D from a Chemist in Australia, we can't get any higher strength OTC.

Where can I get the Best Price for High Strength Vitamin D3 for Multiple Sclerosis?

I highly recommend iHerb for Vitamins and Supplements at a decent price
Unfortunately to get a decent price for higher strength vitamin D capsules we need to buy from overseas, in this case the United States of America. I have found the most reliable supplier who is also quite a large company and sells products at a decent price is iHerb I have been buying my Vitamins and Supplements from this company for about three years now and I have always received my items in a timely manner. Delivery time can vary of course but generally I have received my goods within two weeks and even one week on a couple of occasions. I highly recommend iHerb for all you Vitamins and Supplements needs

Yes of course iHerb don't just sell Vitamin D, they sell all the vitamins and supplements that you could ever need all at a great price. 

Are there any discounts or coupons etc.?

Yes, you can, just use the following code YUG116 to get a $5.00 or $10.00 discount on your first order depending on how much you spend, there are no obligations at all by using that code YUG116 to receive your discount

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For cheap, quality supplements I recommend iHerb, you can get a $5.00 to $10.00 discount off your first order by clicking the logo below or entering the Code: YUG116 when asked if you were referred by another member.

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