This will be my Personal Website  for adding bits about things I have done and Projects for example, links and things I need to document. I'm interested in many subjects including Multiple Sclerosis, Well Being, Health and much more. I lead a fairly boring life, I mainly mess with computers and web sites. 

I read a lot, I have many things that interest me, I enjoy learning and understanding and there is lots to read on the interwebs, lots to watch as well, youtube, google video, ABC iView just to name a few.
Just recently Google+ has had heaps of changes, nearly all Official Google Android applications (app) have been upgraded.

I'm not really into social media as such, I do have a Google+ account and a Twitter account, the Twitter account will probably just be RSS feeds from my websites and blog. I'm an Ubuntu linux user and enjoy using open source software, such as MythTV Media Centre and Zoneminder Security Camera applications.

While I mostly use Ubuntu, I usually have an install of Windows XP Professional, just so I can use it for applications that need Active X or some other Microsoft Windows only application. Windows XP is usually installed on a Virtual Machine, so it doesn't need much space. I am also becoming somewhat familiar with the Android operating system, granted on my Android Phone.

Take a look at my other sites, they are listed in the "Notable Links!" side block to the right >>> please check them out :)

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In Summary

I've lived in quite a few places mainly in Victoria, but also the Northern Territory and Western Australia each one with it's own charm or ridiculous nature. 

I grew up in East Keilor and have fond memories of our holiday house in the Howqua Valley near Mansfield.There are some beautiful areas in Victoria, the North East is great.

Fresh water rivers and streams, brimming with wildlife, Trout, Blackfish and Redfin, Platypus and fresh water crayfish, the Howqua River is fed by Victoria's Alpine area, snow water in winter makes it's way down to Lake Eildon Reservoir.

Wonderful swimming in this clear water oasis, it truly is amazing, it's a great place to be in the summer months, of course the winters months are excellent as well.

My fairly poor open source free copy of my face drawn...

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