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Beijing Olympics

Challenge China To Take Responsibility


Facts about the relationship between China and Sudan:

        Oil: China is the world’s largest player in Sudan’s oil industry. Oil accounts for 70% of Sudan’s total global exports ($5.25 billion in 2006). Sudan’s oil exports account for roughly 7% of China’s total oil imports.


        Foreign investment: China is the largest foreign investor in Sudan, with China National Petroleum Corporation the largest stakeholder in Sudan’s largest oil consortium.


        Trade: China is Sudan’s largest trading partner in the world – purchasing some 70% of Sudan’s global exports, and providing approximately 20% of its global imports.


        Aid: China offers significant economic aid to Sudan, recently writing off $80 million in Sudanese debt and providing an interest-free, unconditional loan of $13 million for, among other things, a new presidential palace.


        Diplomatic protection: China has protected Sudan by conferring veto power upon the Khartoum regime over UN efforts to deploy a robust security force.  On July 31, 2007 China joined in a unanimous UN Security Council vote to deploy 26,000 civilian police and troops to Darfur. This signaled progress, but deployment of the force has stalled badly and China must use its influence to bring the peacekeeping force to Darfur that it voted for.

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