Dobie - A Dog in Need! 
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 Dobie's Story

Update For Dobie (now called Dezi) 3.19.14

Dezi is doing well after a rough couple of weeks following the surgery for the removal of her two mammary masses. She had a lot of swelling in her abdomen, but that has subsided now and she's feeling much better! We got the biopsy results back and one of the masses was not cancer, but the other one was. From the pathology report it doesn't look like it's a super aggressive cancer so hopefully we bought this awesome Dobe a long and happy life. She'll have to be carefully monitored from here on out. Dezi's wobblers seems to have stabilized a bit as well. She's still got a funky gait, but not as unsteady as before. Dezi will get her staples/sutures out on saturday. She'll be glad to get back to playing with her buddies! Our very special little girl will be available for adoption in a couple weeks after she’s had plenty of time to heal. She’ll be looking for a loving home with folks who will make sure she is loved and cared for like she should have been all along. Thanks for your support of this wonderful little Dobe!

Recently DAR&E got a call from a shelter in Maryland about 3 dogs who had been removed from a home. Their owner had gone into the hospital and no one cared for the dogs in his absence. About 2 weeks after he left the dogs to fend for themselves, family members found the dogs and called animal control who came to the house and seized all 3 dogs. Needless to say they were in terrible condition. Tragically 2 of the dogs were in such bad shape they were humanely euthanized. One petite Doberman managed to survive her ordeal and the shelter called DAR&E to see if we could help with her.

The little dobe, name Dobie, was in bad shape. She was very thin and dehydrated and had several mammary masses as well as some weakness in her hind end. They said she was about 10 years old. In spite of her numerous health issues DAR&E really wanted to help Dobie.  A foster home was found  and Dobie was transported to our vets office to assess what we could do for her.

Dobie had never been spayed and obviously had given birth to multiple litters of pups in her lifetime. As a result she has several large mammary tumors, most likely cancerous. Two of the masses are bleeding and Dobie is anemic as a result of the blood loss. In addition Dobie has wobblers.  She can navigate on her own, but she’s very wobbly and unsteady on her feet. We’re hoping some good nutrition and the building up of some muscles will help her compensate for the wobblers and regain some of her balance.

Dobie is now in foster care recovering.

She’s very timid and very sweet. She loves the other dogs, particularly two little boston terrier mix youngsters who love to snuggle with her while she cleans their ears and face. Dobie is, naturally, very anxious right now, not trusting yet that she won’t be hurt or abandoned again. Only a lot of love and some time will fix that. We now need to take care of Dobie’s medical issues. Further examination at the vets office suggest that she’s younger than 10 years old. Maybe even as young as 6-7 years old. This sweet Dobe could have several good years of life left! But she needs to have the mammary tumors removed and sooner rather than later given the 2 masses that are bleeding.

DAR&E is fully prepared to help Dobie in any way we can, but we need your help. We’ll be spending the next couple weeks building Dobie up for her surgery. She needs to put on some weight to prepare for the removal of the masses. And in the meantime DAR&E will be doing some fundraising to help us cover the costs of her surgery.

Anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated!

How You Can Help Me!

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Sponsorships:  Tax deductible sponsorship gifts of any amount are welcome in support of our orphans.  Funds are used for medical treatment and any necessary boarding.  If you would like to sponsor this dog, please make your tax deductible donation by either mailing a check to DAR&E Treasurer,  P.O. Box 5531, Arlington, VA 22205 or use the Paypal link below. Your name will be listed above as a sponsor. Multilpe sponsors are more than welcome for each dog.



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