Dare 2B Digital (D2BD) 2010

 A Conference on Careers for Young Women using Computing Technologies

Addressing the Gender Gap in Careers in Computer Science!


Get ready for D2BD 2011!


D2BD was a one day event. It has taken place for the first time ever on Saturday, February 27, 2010, 9:00 – 3:30 pm at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California

We designed D2BD to open the eyes of Young Women (7th grade to 10th grade) to the pervasiveness of computing technologies in their everyday lives and to the wide spectrum of exciting and creative careers that leverage an education in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering.

It targets
young women from a diverse cross section of schools and communities in Silicon Valley.

The Conference consists of inspirational keynote sessions, creative hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and discussion panels with diverse experts in the computing field.
It includes a Parents track with a choice of four educative workshops.

The Conference has been designed by an advisory committee of industry experts and thought leaders. It wa
s produced by Invent Your Future Enterprises.
The conference is over!

Please check at our Facebook page for photos of the conference. You can also find them here on Flickr.

Dare 2b Digital

The story of the conference

Told by Martin Stein, Chair, SFBAY ACM local chapter

In November 2008 Max Maximilien taught a seminar for the local ACM chapter. He donated his honorarium for "women's causes". The council of the local ACM chapter started debating what we should use the money for. Use it as a prize for a women's programming contest? Give it to a worthy institution? We were going back and forth. Finally we decided to approach the Girlscouts of Northern California who promoted the idea of a multi-track conference. An event for women in computing cannot be led by a man, of course, so in April 2009 I was able to recruit Anne Hardy as the official organizer and boss of the conference. She took to the role wonderfully, starting with her and me planning for a November event. Using our networks we found a couple of people willing to help. Anne brought in Invent Your Future, who have been instrumental in organizing the conference, helping with budgeting and especially acquiring sponsors. Anne's attending of the Grace Hopper Conference on Women in Computing was another milestone. There she was able to attract a number of women willing to participate in our weekly meetings and contribute by attracting speakers, and help with organisation. Nina, Diane, Kenny, Ellen, Phyllis, Tammy, Sunshine, Elisabeth - to just mention a few regulars. 
During Code Camp at Foothill College we had another chance to talk to more talented collaborators, like Lynn Langit from Microsoft, and Llewellyn Falco. It is impressive how much can be achieved when a small number of people work on one goal!