Protect Yourself from Darcy Mercieca

Darcy Mercieca has been banned from Real Estate for miss appropriating company funds. Darcy was employed for a short period to manage real estate sales and managements. The stealing company funds was the final straw for colleagues and shareholders following a long list of bad and untrustworthy behaviour including a cavalier attitude towards all aspects of his and other peoples lives. His colleagues report that he was the worst real estate agent they have ever worked with. 

Outside of work Darcy Mercieca was also happy to drive unregistered vehicles, committed a string of traffic crimes and established thousands of dollars worth of unpaid parking fines. 

Darcy Mercieca is facing prosecution by Newcastle Police for leaving the scene of an accident and also breaking into a commercial property and taking cash, real estate keys and intellectual property. 

Darcy Mercieca seems to be co-conspiring with Silvana Stewart, another real estate "professional" with over 35 years experience. Silvana is currently working for Robinsons Property as a property manager. Silvana, another untrustworthy character is reported to have being claiming income benefits from the NSW government whilst charging Darcy Mercieca over $700 AUD per week for rent in her 1 Majella Close Eleebana Home. Darcy seems to have used company funds from the real estate company he was working for to support Silvanas extravagant lifestyle. 

Bank statements provided to Waratah police show that during Darcy Mercieca time as sole director of a real estate agency, Darcy managed to misappropriate funds on expensive jewellery, hotels costing over $660 per night and withdraws of cash totalling over $120,000 in a 9 month period.

Darcy Mercieca Real Estate Fraud

5 Reasons to Avoid the worst Real Estate Con-Man before he hurts more innocent people. 

1) Darcy is a compulsive liar, he has a cunning and charismatic appearance on the surface, however, over a short period of time lies and problems emerge 

2) Darcy Mercieca has no regard for other people. He does not care who he hurts, friends, family, the public anyone. He has a long history of manipulative and controlling behavior that is destructive to everyone who he comes in contact with 

3) Darcy Mercieca has no boundaries when it comes to lying, cheating and stealing. Darcy owes everyone he meets money which he has no intention of paying back. 

4) He is the most disorganized real estate agent in the world. Darcy should not be trusted to sell a home, he has no clue how to work or interact with anyone on a consistent basis. 

5) Darcy Mercieca has no care for the law, other people and a total disregard for all aspects of caring and respect. Darcy in summary is an untrustworthy person and needs to be outed from the real estate industry. He has had his bank account frozen, misappropriated company funds, stolen thousands of dollars from clients, the public and everyone he has ever been in contact with. 

Recent Events 25/02/17 

Darcy Mercieca is removed from company office by police following strange and aggressive behaviour. A member of the public called the police at 12.15 on 02/02/17 following erratic shouting and abusive language delusional behaviour. 

Darcy suggested he was finding it hard to secure additional work as a real estate agents following the public awareness of he improper behaviour as a company director and his subsequent removal. 

Darcy Mercieca was presented with copies of bank accounts showing over $225,000 worth of withdrawals from the company and he claimed that they must be “type errors” despite been informed that the transactions were taken from the company bank statements at CBA. 

It is clear that Darcy Mercieca has mental issues and needs help and medication. Darcy has caused none stop problems, caused financial losses, stolen money and property. He leaves a long list of unhappy friends, clients, family and work colleagues. 

In an ongoing effort for public awareness, additional articles shall be made available if events continue. 

Darcy Mercieca went of a 9 month spending spree with company funds and leaves unpaid debts with creditors friends and family. 

Legal representatives suggest that perhaps Darcy has committed other offenses including defrauding the commonwealth as part of his excessive spending activities.