Meal Plan: 4/27-5/3/15


B - Peanut Butter Milkshake (S)

L - (3) Lettuce Wraps (I used ham, mayo, mustard and a splash of red wine vinegar) with fresh veggies and water to drink (S) pg. 297

S - 1 c. air-popped popcorn seasoned with cayenne pepper and 1/2 c. of 2% cottage cheese with water to drink (E)

D - Out


B - (2) eggs scrambled with green peppers and onions mixed in and cooked in coconut oil with Sweet & Spicy tea to drink (S)

L - Easy Tuscany Tomato Soup with small side salad dressed with red wine vinegar and water to drink (FP)

S - (3) Tea Cookies with GGMS to drink (S)

D - Easy Mexican Casserole topped with lettuce and sour cream with water to drink (S)


B - Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt with Sweet & Spicy tea to drink (E) pg. 250

L - Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad with cucumbers and strawberries on the side with GGMS to drink (E) pg. 302

S - (3) leftover Tea Cookies with water to drink (S)

D - Cheddar, Bacon and Veggie Frittata with small side salad dressed with red wine vinegar and olive oil with water to drink (S)


B - Reese Peanut Butter Cup Shake (S)

L - Sriracha Egg Salad in a low-carb tortilla with green beans and water to drink (S)

S - (3) leftover Tea cookies with Sweet & Spicy tea to drink (S)

D - Lentil Soup for the Soul with 1/2 an apple and water to drink (E)


B - Sweet Cinnamon Quinoa and 1/2 an apple with water to drink (E) pg. 227

L - Chicken and White Bean Spinach Soup with water to drink (E)

S - small handful of almonds and 1 oz. cheddar cheese with Cider Pop to drink(S)

D - Pizza Casserole with side salad with Ranch dressing with Zevia Black Cherry Soda to drink (S) pg. 327


B - Fat Stripping Frappa (FP) pg. 240 ***I don't like coffee, so I'll be omitting that and having the frozen strawberry version instead

L - leftover Chicken and White Bean Spinach Soup with Zevia Black Cherry Soda (E)

S - hard-boiled egg on top of a Light Rye Wasa Cracker with a wedge of Light Laughing Cow Cheese with water to drink (S)

D - Grilled Chicken with "Spanish Rice" Quinoa and steamed broccoli with water to drink (E)


B - Baked Oatmeal with an apple added in with water to drink (E)

L - Out

S - Snickers Hot Cocoa (S)

D - No Tortilla Cheesy Enchilada Bake topped with lettuce with Zevia Black Cherry Soda to drink (S) ***Use this enchilada sauce in place of the one in the recipe