About Us

Darby's Web Designs came about in March 2010.  A friend asked me to assist in building a website for her daughter's new dance studio.  She then referred me to 5 other small business folks indicating they also needed a website, including her husband's lawn care business.

Who is Darby?

Retired June 2008 from
Xcel Energy

Bachelor of Arts - Organization Development (Regis University 2009)

Experienced in: 
Office Administration - Supervision/Management
Customer Service - Warehousing/Purchasing
Budgeting (Operating & Maintenance and Capital)
Information Technology - Project Management Oversight
Process Flow Design - Statistical Analysis
Personal & Business Taxes - QuickBooks
Microsoft Office software
I know "a little bit of this and a little bit of that" dependent upon your needs.


We have grown since then and plan to continue to expand.  I have tapped the expertise of other friends, family and IT cohorts to help me in developing whatever is needed to meet my customers' needs.  I am not afraid to say "I do not have all the answers," but will certainly engage others to learn the answers or make them happen!