Welcome to Darby Springs Farm!

We invite you to discover our little place on Earth. Our goal is to provide delicious, healthy food for our family and community, while building our farm ecosystems.  Our farm is a tallgrass prairie flowing down into a saline wetland, with at least three springs that we've found so far.  (Our name inspiration :)  We are excited and humbled by the opportunity to steward these two rare ecosystems.  We're just getting started, so join us in the adventure!

The garden is getting planted, and the calves and chicks are growing fast!  Our two mares, Bree and Denali, are settling in and loving the grass!  Yet this summer we hope to get meat chickens and maybe some turkeys.  Email us if you are interested in purchasing veal, chicken, or eggs!

What's New at the Farm

Thanks to everyone who came out to the

        Beginning Farmer Network BBQ!