We spend a lot of time working 

as a family on the

 yard, the garden and with the

 animals here is a page about the

 many hands that help 

us keep this place running.

Chase and I have been married for almost 8 amazing years.  We have blended two little families to create one big one, adding in two more little boys for an extra measure of excitement!   Most of the time we're one big happy family, but I won't lie to you and tell you that they always get along.  Still, family is the key here, we're one for all and all for one.  We all get involved in family projects and we enjoy spending time together.

KATE... is 16 yrs old.  Ready to learn to drive but not driving yet.  Kate is one of the hardest workers around this place and usually with a pretty good attitude about it even.   She is one of our best milkers and feeds the animals each morning with a song in her heart and on her MP4 player.

Suzanna is 14.  Suzanna is our creative child.  Always drawing, writing, sewing... creating something.  Most likely to hide under a tree to braid clover or ivy into laurel wreaths, especially to avoid any chores that need doing.  Suzanna likes bunnies and kittens, but doesn't really enjoy milking or goats or chickens much.

Kelly is third.   She is 13 yrs old and thinks she is also ready to drive.  Hold yer horses girly!   She has a better chance of riding a horse than she does driving a car!  Thats okay though, Kelly likes riding horses and is a real natural with them.  Kelly is another big helper, though she used to enjoy outside chores a lot more than she does now.  She's a bit of a homebody.  She does love her chickens and the baby goats too.  She's a pretty good milker as long as its not too cold outside.

Mason is the oldest boy.  Mason is 13 yrs old, like Kelly, but he seems a lot more interested in target shooting than in driving a car so far.  Mason is a hard worker and a real help to Dad when he wants to be!  He and Nolan are nearly always together as they have been since they were just little boys, best brothers, roommates.   Mason likes to build things and use tools.  Now if we could get him to put them away when he's done.


Nolan just turned 12.  He is an avid Starwars fan, always playing legos or soldiers and hanging with Mason.  Nolan can be a really hard worker too, but he gets distracted easily.  Nolan has a great attitude about life and is a pretty low maintenance kid aside from several health issues.

I've been at this computer nearly all day, so I'll have to add Sarah, Andrew and Austin tomorrow.  I need to get some thing done around here ;)